Work less & accomplish more in healing


Tuning Up to Thrive

Work less & accomplish more in your healing practice

Would you like to work less and receive more money?

Ultimately, that’s the question.

The natural thing to ask is, “How?”

Personally, I’m uprooting limiting beliefs about what’s possible and making progress on the How.

In this series of blogs, I talk about going from being a solopreneur healing practitioner to having an expanded business that reaches more people.

Imagine what’s possible for you and your business

You want to thrive without working yourself into the ground.

Are beliefs getting in the way?

Watch the video. 👆

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What’s possible?

Get the Breakthrough Booster.What if all your limitations are self imposed? Your beliefs hold you back.

Create a new future. Only you can do it.

In just 30 minutes, reclaim power from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

I have a gift for you. It’s a free mini-course.Breakthrough Booster: 9 Steps to Clear Limiting Beliefs for Your Successful Holistic Practice.

Want it? ✋

Go to Breakthrough Booster

I’m Sandra Lee, Life Opportunity Catalyst, dedicated to empowering women healers and wellness professionals in developing transformative wellness practices.

Aligning your passion and purpose enables you to jump out of bed in the morning, excited about creating lasting results for yourself and your clients.

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Turn up the flame feeding your magic

“Before we did Human Design and Biofield Tuning I was confused. I wanted to start a business but was all over the place. I couldn’t figure out how to get started. I felt stuck and didn’t know which way to go.

Human Design gave me an overview of my soul’s path and how I view the world. Biofield Tuning released the things that were making it feel hard.

You picked things up that hadn’t been clear to me, and Human Design helped them make more sense.

Now I have started, and it unfolded naturally.

I don’t think I would have done it without you. Thank you.” ~ Anonymous

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Thank you for reading the blog

To schedule appointments, please contact me.

It is a pleasure serving and supporting you.

Turn up the flame feeding your magic

Stay Tuned…



Sandra Lee

Life Opportunity Catalyst


Licensed Massage Therapist (WA State)

Biofield Tuning Practitioner

Human Design Specialist

Creator of the Inner Gem Shine Card Deck Kit

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Sandra Lee

Healer & Life Opportunity CatalystSandra Lee has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 30 years, and is now a Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Human Design Specialist. She is the Creator of the Inner Gem Shine Card Deck Kit and System.

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