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“All water is holy water.” ~ Rajiv Joseph

“A drop of water, if it could write out its own history, would explain the universe to us.” ~ Lucy Larcom

The Body's Water

The human body is 50-75% water.

Blood is about 50% water.

Every cell in the body holds water and depends on it to function.

The most dense tissue in the body is bone. We think of them as being hard, but bones are actually built and maintained by living, water-filled cells.

Water is an extraordinary substance.

Without it, there would be no life.

Be grateful for water.

The Body Stores Stress

This is the second of a blog series exploring the many ways in which experiences, traumas, stresses and emotions are recorded in the body and energy field.

This post is longer than usual, because it forms a foundation that much of the rest of this series will build upon. I talk about water, the life-critical substance that plays a central role in how the body stores stress.
Each post in the series will include stress releasing intentions for you to incorporate into your daily awareness and activities. Be empowered to help yourself.
Last week's blog was the first post in the series. I talked about how storage of experiences contributes to body issues. To read it go to Making Sense of Symptoms.
To go to week three, Is Memory Stored in the Brain?
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Now back to our topic ... Water

Water Remembers

The unique qualities of water give it structural properties that enable it to function in exceptional ways.

Water is programmable. It retains energetic memories of everything it has been exposed to.

I barely touch upon this topic here. An exceptional resource is Gerald Pollock's book The Fourth Phase of Water.

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Emoto is famous for his experiments exposing water to positive words. His ice crystals show how energies and emotions are imprinted upon water.

Masaru Emoto's Water Crystals
Emoto water crystals positive and negative

Your Body's Water Remembers

Your day-to-day experiences, emotions and stresses make up the energetic environment of all of your cells.

Those energies are recorded into the water.

Your entire life experience is recorded in your body's water.

Your daily thoughts, emotions, and activities are recorded into your body through its water.

All of your symptoms and health conditions are contributed to by this programming.

What energies are you recording into your body's water?

Are you programming your body with stress? Or with health, happiness, and love?

Wake Up Call & Choose

If you realize that you have been programming your water with stress for decades, this may feel confronting.

I understand. Love yourself. Breathe

Begin to turn the tide in a positive direction and have a beneficial impact immediately.

Start somewhere -- where you are.

Choose to have hope. Choose to know that you will move in positive directions with your thoughts.

Love yourself. Breathe

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Stress Release for Health & Healing

Release the stress that is stored within your water.

Set a powerful healing intention.

This can be particularly impactful when you are experiencing challenges.

If you meditate or do gratitude practices, adding a focus on your body's water would be a delightful enhancement.


Release stress from the water in my cells.

Release stress from the water in my blood.

Release stress from my body.


Drink water cartoon water drop with a glass

Drink Water

Health absolutely depends on drinking plenty of water!

Assuming your water supply is approved safe for drinking, celebrate that you have it. It is a gift.

Drink water, with gratitude.

In our home, we drink filtered tap water.

I perform treatments that remove stored energies and reestablish earth-based energies that would be present in water from natural sources.

A variety of water-energizing products are available online.

Disclaimer. Please Note: I am not a health care provider. I cannot diagnose, prescribe, or treat any condition. If you have a health condition, please contact your physician.

This Week's Blog Video

Water Remembers ~ Body Stores Stress

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Podcast Interview

Thrive & Aligned Healing Podcast

I did two delightful interviews with Kimberly Jarman, Life Coach, and Dr. Carmen Jones, Naturopathic Doctor.

I am impressed with this team, and am excited to work with them.

I Love their podcast and binge listened. It's like listening to myself, our approaches are so in alignment.

I already know a lot about health. Yet, I still learn a lot from this practicing holistic doctor and life coach. They give sensible, practical recommendations.

I listen to a lot of health-oriented podcasts. But rarely do I make specific listening recommendations. To learn about health and living fully, listen to Kimberly and Carmen! Just saying.

I also recommend their unique model of collaborating for the benefit of their clients. Their combined medical and coaching program is exceptional and effective.


This week's podcast interview talks about Human Design.

Next week's blog features the episode about Biofield Tuning.

View both on the Press page.

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