Warehouse Automation Systems

Warehouse Automation Systems

Warehouse automation systems came a long way since the use of single-purpose robots on car manufacturing lines. CASI offers a broad suite of equipment and software capable of eliminating some of the most costly redundancies at your business.

What are the most costly redundancies at a warehouse?

Warehouses are some of the most important parts of the supply chain. However, they suffer from a lack of innovation over the past ten years. Many still have pickers running between aisles and stations.

In fact, picking takes up to 55 percent of a warehouse employee’s time. Other time-consuming tasks include order packing and even unboxing.

Dealing with Increased Demand in a Tight Labor Market

Increased demand between 2016 and 2021 saw a rush to fill positions dedicated largely to menial and repetitive tasks. Employment increased by 53.7 percent in this time.

That demand only continues to grow. However, the amount of labor is greatly reduced compared with the run-up to the pandemic. Due to this, 67 percent of managers reported severe pressure to increase output in 2022.

Meeting Demand with Automation

In order to meet growing demand, managers need to look to other means to increase output. There are two potential inputs that can affect productivity. You can increase labor or reduce the amount of labor required to achieve your desired result.

Reducing the amount of labor required is becoming the best solution to reduce the pressure managers face to perform. Automation through machines and smart conveyor systems eliminates the need to find more warm bodies than are available.

Types of Automation Systems

Automation systems come in many shapes and forms. Today’s machines are capable of replacing highly repetitive tasks such as transporting items, packing, scanning, sorting, and even opening boxes.

Pickers are left to perform their main task while sorters and packers can finally perform quality assurance, improving customer satisfaction. CASI offers a complete set of modules for materials handling at your warehouse.

Warehouse Automation ROI

Moving to an automated system can seem like a significant up-front cost. However, there is a potentially equally significant return on investment. Picking systems improve output by as much as 85 percent.

The return on investment may seem too good to be true. However, you have to consider the additional tasks that such systems replace. Transporting items can take less time with the right system and workers no longer need to sort goods.

Finding an Automation Partner

System integrators are available to help you transition to a fully optimized system, further improving your return on investment. Our experts use our award-winning and patented technology to build a custom system.

No warehouse is the same. Layouts and plans differ from location to location. We can help you automate for performance.

Using Warehouse Automation Systems Effectively

Using warehouse automation systems effectively improves output without drastically increasing labor. In a tight labor market where management is still pressured to perform, equipment is increasingly the best option.

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Warehouse Automation Systems

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