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Biofield Tuning Group Session Series

It's Time to Heal

Are You In Pain?

If you want to Heal, I am here to help.

Physical pain is obviously limiting. Mental, emotional, and spiritual pain are equally debilitating, though this is not always recognized.

Pain keeps you from being the person you really want to be. It holds you back from accomplishing your goals and dreams.

Biofield Tuning helps you heal the stress and trauma that underlie pain. Resolve the trauma and find freedom.


It's Time to Heal

Join me for a series of three (3) Biofield Tuning group sessions.

Our focus is healing in whatever areas of life you care about, including health, happiness, relationships, work, business, and success.

The group sessions are Weekly, Live on Zoom. Attending live is not required for participation. You receive recordings for healing anytime.

Do you have questions about if this is right for you?

There is not a Creating the Future series registering at this time. If you want to be notified when a series becomes available, please send me an email.

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We hide things that we’re not ready to deal with. Biofield Tuning shakes everything up, and bubbles it to the surface. So you have to deal with it. It captures things that other healing modalities are missing. That’s where Biofield Tuning is so powerful. Biofield Tuning has helped me come to more peace and harmony.” ~Jane

I joined Sandra’s group Biofield Tuning series on Manifesting and Abundance. Immediately after the first group session, we had a money making opportunity. In subsequent sessions, I worked on old wounds of powerlessness that the (COVID) forced shutdowns had triggered. I 100% recommend Biofield Tuning sessions with Sandra.” ~Katlyn

Together we are so much more than we are individually. In group sessions, we all feel what needs to be cleared — individually, tribally, and collectively. A lot of deep cleansing happens. Even if I miss a session, I still feel the benefit.” ~ Alana

Jane shares her experience with Biofield Tuning Group Sessions. See more video segments near the bottom of this page

Human Design

Human Design makes sense of how you respond to life. The chart is like a blueprint of your purpose and how you contribute to the world. Human Design supports you in consciously orienting your goals and intentions to capitalize on your strengths. Building up your strengths attracts opportunities and success! 

Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks and sound to help you feel calm, energized, and empowered, able to think clearly and make wise decisions. It enhances the energetic alignment with your life purpose, goals, and intentions. Human Design and Biofield Tuning complement perfectly!

I am Sandra Lee, a Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Human Design Specialist. I appreciate how both Biofield Tuning and Human Design help me understand my purpose, and live it.

I love helping people liberate themselves from the pain and limitations that keep them from making their contributions to the world.

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Contribute Your Personal Intentions

The contribution of your personal issues and intentions makes these group session series impactful.

List your personal intentions and issues, blocks and struggles. These will be included in the sessions.

Attending the live sessions is optional. Participate in whatever way feels appropriate to you.

Group dynamic

The collective energy and intention of the group is powerful. Other people will relate to your experiences, and you will benefit from the stories of others. A community feeling of support makes it safe to address difficult issues.

Many group sessions feel transformative and evolutionary.

In addition to our personal experiences, group sessions address archetypes and ancient traumas that underlie the limiting beliefs common to humanity.


The group sessions are Weekly, Live on Zoom. Attending live is not required for participation. You receive recordings for healing anytime.


Three Biofield Tuning Group Sessions

There is not a Creating the Future series registering at this time. If you want to be notified when a series becomes available, please send me an email. It is my pleasure serving you.

Human Design

I include concepts from Human Design in the Biofield Tuning sessions. These modalities complement perfectly.

Human Design helps to make sense of how you experience the events and traumas of life.

Human Design helps you understand your life purpose, and the unique ways in which you contribute.

Do you want to know more about Human Design?

If you are new to Human Design, or if you want to more deeply understand your chart, Sandra is available for readings. Readings contribute transformative perspective shifts that impact your whole life.

This understanding helps you more deeply incorporate the Biofield Tuning healing into your life.

Would you like to participate in the Creating the Future series and have a Human Design reading?

Please contact me for a Discover What’s Possible consultation. We will create a package that meets your needs.

Hear from our happy clients


Jane, Thank You for generously sharing your experience.

Alandra Shaffer

Certified Bowen Health Therapist, Penticton, BC


When I first saw Sandra, I was dealing with sprained wrists, whiplash, and an old injury to my hip and neck. From the first session, my physical pain lessened. My hips were more open and flexible. I felt more grounded and clear than I had in a long time.

In a subsequent session, she did a spine walk. I felt release in an upper back area that had been stuck even after several chiropractic appointments. I was sold.

Biofield Tuning helped me make challenging decisions about the direction of my life. This modality has helped me move forward with confidence.

I highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking for change, whether it is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. She has a wealth of knowledge and abilities to share.“ 

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