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As a practitioner for 28 years, Sandra Lee has received many testimonials.

This page has Testimonials for Biofield Tuning and Human Design.

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Human Design - Business

** Having my Human Design Reading with Sandra helped me get into alignment with who I am and what I am doing in my business. I had a gazillion big ideas and felt a bit stretched thin without knowing for certain what a truly sustainable path forward could look like. Understanding my Human Design gave me the North Star guidance I need to sort through the proverbial weeds. Now I see the path to take and it feels so easy. I am not scared and it just makes sense. My reading reminded me of who I am and what I am up to in the world. It showed me how far I have come and reaffirmed that I am on the right track. I benefited from Sandra’s very practical advice, and am seeing results having applied it even within a few short days. My attention is much more focused and making decisions is easier than it has ever been for my life and my business.

~ Andrea Cameron, Director of Style at Fashion Your Life,

Biofield Tuning - Trauma

** Tricia was molested at ages 2 and 7, and raped at ages 16 and 22. In the audio, she mentions specifics about her profound changes. Tricia, thank you for sharing so generously.

Freedom has come to me through doing Biofield Tuning. Biofield Tuning brings you to a whole other level of awareness. Thank you for doing what you do, and for doing it your way. I’ve had enough of the old me, the old energies that kept me in the hamster wheel. Now all I want to do is fly. This work is crazy in such an amazingly beautiful, magical way.

I suggest everybody do this. When they’re ready. All I can say is Just Do It. Take a chance. Do it even if you’re scared. You definitely won’t regret it.

~ Tricia Laramee, Vermont

Tricia now feels in control of her life, and she trusts herself. She experienced profound changes in many areas. Physical pain, overwhelm and chaos, motivation, getting things done, energy, sleep, exercise, readiness for relationship, and so much more.

Audio of Tricia telling her story.

Biofield Tuning - Acute Injuries

** I have received biofield tuning sessions in person. Sandra is quite intuitive and easily picks up on my past “stuff”.

I took a bad fall and sprained my wrist. It was swollen and bruised. Sandra did a distance session. As she worked, the bruise faded, and I was able to close my hand, and move my wrist through gentle range of motion. I felt energy moving throughout the session and afterwards. My wrist felt “healing” prickles for days. Sandra intuitively sensed and addressed the skinned knee, bruised face, and smashed toe that I hadn’t mentioned.

This is powerful and wonderful therapy. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain for acute injuries. ~ LS Penticton, BC

Biofield Tuning - Chronic Injuries

** When I first saw Sandra, I was dealing with sprained wrists and whiplash from a 2019 fall, and an older hip and neck injury. I felt an energetic shift immediately, and the physical pain lessened. My hips were more open and flexible. I felt more grounded and clear than I had in a long time.

In a subsequent session, she did a spine walk. The area of C7, T1, T2 had not released, even after several chiropractic and other appointments. During the spine walk, the area finally released and energy flowed through. I was sold.

I highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking for change, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. She has a wealth of knowledge and abilities to share. ~ Alandra Shaffer, Certified Bowen Health Therapist, Penticton, BC,

Biofield Tuning - Well Being & Injury

Sandra helped our family when our son badly broke his arm, requiring surgery and pins. The event threw me off balance and stressed our already challenged marriage. Through a series of tunings, Sandra helped restore energetic flow to my son’s arm, helped me overcome overwhelm and recenter, and helped each member of our family relate in a better way through energetically addressing core issues. Her kindness, compassion, and grounded, caring attitude came through in every interaction. Thank you Sandra for being such a guiding light! ~ K, Colorado

Biofield Tuning - Well Being

**My family was struggling with the stress of the COVID lock down. I did a family Biofield Tuning session. This helped settle our worries about finances and work. I saw a difference in how my children perceived the cancellation of tournaments, prom, and graduation. The blows felt less earth shattering. I 100% recommend Biofield Tuning with Sandra. ~Katlyn Summers, AZ

** Thank you, Sandra for giving me a Spine Walk! Here are my experiences.

• Immediate: Tingling in feet and ankles. Warmth gently flowed up my body.

• I felt very relaxed in body, mind and emotions. Then I fell asleep

• For several days, I took quality time for myself, despite pressures to do things for others. Then feeling relaxed & cheerful, I took on a big task and did well.

I still feel lighter in my muscles and tissues. Sandra, BioField Tuning is a natural fit for you!!! ~ Mariya Masters, WA, Human Design Specialist & Quantum Alignment Coach ...

Biofield Tuning - Animals

** My old cowboy 🤠 Oly couldn’t walk and wasn’t breathing good. I thought last night was his last. Sandra Lee did distant Biofield Tuning and the mucus that filled his lungs has almost disappeared and he is walking. Big Shout out and heartfelt thank you, Sandra. ~ Valerie Terrell, Olympia, WA Defining Image Photographs

Biofield Tuning Group Sessions

Jane shares her experience with Biofield Tuning Group Sessions. Thank you!

Parts of Jane's story are here but not in the shorter segments below. Includes: Healing Acute Issue & Other Stuff. 7 minutes

1+ minute segment of Jane’s Story.

1+ minute segment of Jane’s Story - Clearing Old Issues

More on BT Group Sessions

**I joined Sandra’s group Biofield Tuning series on Manifesting and Abundance. Immediately after the first group session, we had a money making opportunity. In subsequent sessions, I worked on old wounds of powerlessness that the (COVID) forced shutdowns had triggered. I recommend Biofield Tuning sessions with Sandra.” ~Katlyn Summers, AZ** I enjoyed our first Biofield Tuning group session. I felt amazingly relaxed and grounded. Your extensive knowledge of the body is valuable and appreciated. I am grateful that you share what you feel, see, and sense throughout the session. You have incredible gifts BEing you - serving as a Manifestor and a healer. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥ ~ Alana Heim, Human Design Specialist, Prosperity Facilitator,

Biofield Tuning - Stuck, Life Progress

** For a few months, I'd been feeling stuck. Overwhelmed by the options available and paralyzed, I couldn't move forward.

Immediately after my Biofield Tuning session with Sandra, I took action. I decided on a direction and took the first action, then the second. I'm building momentum!

I highly recommend working with Sandra! ~ Heather Gilmore,

** I’ve received many wonderful benefits through Biofield Tuning. When I was feeling stuck, Sandra helped me make challenging decisions about the direction of my life. This modality helped me move forward with confidence.

I highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking for change, whether it is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. She has a wealth of knowledge and abilities to share. ~ Alandra Shaffer, Certified Bowen Health Therapist, Penticton, BC,

Biofield Tuning - Well Being

** I’ve spent a lifetime ignoring my body to make it through the day. I pushed down physical and emotional pain, and kept going regardless of my body’s messages. Then my body broke down, and I could no longer ignore the pain.

With Biofield Tuning, Sandra put me back in touch with my self and my body. She helped bridge the gap between my conscious mind and the messages my body has been trying to tell me.

Sandra amazed me with her incredible intuitive skills, even at a distance - more than 2000 miles! She said, “I see popping” (in my shoulders). It is true! My shoulders pop painfully. I asked how she knew that. She said, “I see it.” I am a believer.

The tuning fork sounds traveled into my body, bringing soothing peace. Sandra used special obsidian stones. I felt the weight of them in my hands, over 2000 miles away.

The next morning, I felt a smooth flow of energy through my body. The pain was minimal. A layer of negative conditioning had pulled back, allowing me to move more freely. ~ Agalia Baker, Human Design Specialist, Arkansas

** This is was my first session with Sandra. I've studied energy therapies, so I was curious and skeptical, but open. Sandra guided me with a sure hand. She is so grounded and matter of fact that, as I experienced my energy shift, it felt like a natural process.

Areas of my body "engaged" that were not activated before we started. I felt blocks in my throat, and pressure like a headache in my skull. Sandra's process shifted the blocks and I felt an ease and flow of energy through my whole body.

Sandra talked with me about aspects of myself of which she had no knowledge. It felt like a dead-on psychic reading. The experiences and people in my life are stamped into my field. Sandra perceived the energetic blockages and contractions.

I've been all over the place, with numerous projects. Yet, I’ve felt less empowered and trusting in myself than I would like. I hadn't realized these hang ups were still haunting me.

As advised, I took a bath with salt. It was grounding and cleansing. The next day, I'm calm, relaxed, cool and collected.

I highly recommend this process. ~ Heather Morrison, Podcasting Coach, SF California,

Biofield Tuning - Long Term Health

** I have glaucoma and take drops. My eyes had been off. Following our Biofield Tuning session, my eyes felt much better. They were wetter and symptom-free for 4-5 days. For that I am thankful, Sandra. ~ Kathleen Farrell, Penticton BC

Biofield Tuning - Mini Sessions

** Both tunings feel very good in my body, mind, and emotions. I focused on a small immediate project. The two mini tunings helped set me up for success. A great beginning experience. ~ Mariya Masters, WA, Human Design Specialist & Quantum Alignment Coach

** It was the last day for me to record a short presentation. I wasn’t exactly in shape to put on the camera and confidently film while running, climbing trees, etc. Then I remembered your gift... I listened to it with the camera already fixed to my forehead, knowing THIS TIME I have access to Will, Divine Will for Me... I Listened, Heard, went out and recorded! So happy I made it! So Grateful for your part in it! ~ Amshell

** I unintentionally put the Gratitude audio on “repeat mode,” on a night that was already charged with shifting energies. The effect the recording had was a “shaft of Light” gently traversing my Central Channel, aligning and purifying. Quite a blissful experience!!” ~ Amshell

Human Design you, Jess!

** All my life, I have felt like people are always asked me to do things for them. No one seemed to care about me and what I wanted. This really bothered me.

I had a Human Design reading with Sandra, and it made sense of everything. She flipped how I think about these interactions. Now I see them as opportunities to contribute to people, rather than as stressful, bothersome and frustrating.

These perspectives all came from my Human Design chart. It was all about "Why am I here?" ~ Anonymous, U.K.

** My whole life I've wondered why it is difficult for me to express how I feel. Human Design helped me understand why communication may be difficult. I shared with my friends and family about my chart. Now we understand each other better.

I understand that this is how I am! I can stop beating myself up about things I can't change!

Human Design is better than any birth chart or horoscope, because it is truly a road map of how you were made. It sheds light on how you interact with others, how you respond to stress, even how you parent your children! It makes perfect sense! ~ Marsha Fulton, Olympia, WA

** I loved the reading! Plus it was fun! I learned that aspects of my life that I have experienced as frustrating are actually part of how I am designed. Now I see these situations as opportunities to make my contribution. ~ Polly Williams, Olympia, WA

** My partner and I got a lot from our readings. I am impressed with how 'bang on' the information is! You clarified and validated the sentiments we have experienced together. This will help us define our relationship. ~ Anonymous, Penticton, BC

** Thank you for the Human Design reading. I had looked at my charts, and read two books and researched on the Internet. The reading was MORE meaningful because I had studied. I figured out a lot of pieces, but you put it together nicely in a complete package. Now I understand my system and my child's system, and how they work together. ~ Linda M., Tacoma, WA