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As a practitioner for over 30 years, Sandra Lee has received many testimonials.

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Human Design & Biofield Tuning – Business

🌟 "I had the pleasure of working with Sandra Lee at a time that was crucial in my personal and professional life. "Your life is going to exponentially increase and your abundance and expansiveness and mindset. It's just more than you could ever fathom. It's transformational in every way." Lauren did a series of Biofield Tuning and Human Design sessions with Sandra Lee. This led to tremendous gains in work/life balance, satisfaction, experience of staff, and business growth.   Thank you to Lauren Williams of Workplace Harmony for this wonderful testimonial video. ~ Lauren Williams, Workplace Harmony
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Biofield Tuning – COVID Hair

🌟 "Sandra and I discussed using Biofield Tuning to help with what I call my hair trauma. I was open-minded, but a little skeptical. I had COVID for 12 days. I got what I call COVID hair, from the fever. My hair fell out and broke, and it looked damaged, as if I had been in a fire. I got much more out of my session with Sandra than I ever anticipated. I made connections between my past, present and future selves. My hair is a metaphor for my life's journey. I feel more self-accepting of all parts of myself. My hair is more manageable and less dry even after a short time." πŸ’— Erika Dworkin is an experienced Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist. If you need help making practical sense out of your health challenges, contact her. vitathenawellness.com
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Biofield Tuning & Human Design – Business

πŸ‘†πŸŒŸ "Human Design gave me a chance to understand how I'm hardwired. It's definitely going to impact my bottom line. The biggest benefit of Biofield Tuning has been more focus and less anxiety. Sandra offers tools that help you personally and in your business. I encourage you to give it a try. You won't be disappointed." πŸ’— Daryl Murrow is a coach and professional speaker. CoachDMac.com
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Biofield Tuning & MAP – Trauma

🌟 Teddy experienced tremendous healing of childhood abuse working with Sandra. First with Biofield Tuning, then with the Make Anything Possible Method. "I haven't felt this comfortable in my skin in decades. I've lost about 15 pounds. I was waiting to die, hoping it would be soon." Thank you for sharing Teddy. 🌟 Tricia was molested at ages 2 and 7, and raped at ages 16 and 22. In the audio, she mentions specifics about her profound changes. Tricia, thank you for sharing so generously. "Freedom has come to me through doing Biofield Tuning. I’ve had enough of the old me, the old energies that kept me in the hamster wheel. Now all I want to do is fly. This work is crazy in such an amazingly beautiful, magical way. All I can say is Just Do It. Take a chance. Do it even if you’re scared. You definitely won’t regret it." ~ Tricia Laramee, Vermont Tricia now feels in control of her life, and she trusts herself. She experienced profound changes in many areas. Physical pain, overwhelm and chaos, motivation, getting things done, energy, sleep, exercise, readiness for relationship, and so much more. πŸ‘‡ Audio of Tricia telling her story. Thank you so much Tricia.
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Human Design – Business

🌟 "Thank you so much for that very illuminating analysis of my human design chart. I'm looking at all the things in my life I've been holding on to... major shiftings. I employed a lot of what I learned with a mentorship client earlier today. I could hear your voice pointing out assets and my whole experience today was at a much higher level of awareness." πŸ’— Bradford Tilden, Crystal Music Healing. Bradford Tilden Music I receive Universal White Time Healing Energy & Gemstone healing, and study with Bradford.
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Biofield Tuning – Business

🌟 "I just had a Biofield tuning session with Sandra Lee and it was amazing! I still feel clearing and releasing her work initiated, peeling away layers of old trauma that I had kept guarded for a long time. I am excited to see how new energies will shape my future into a brighter expression where I can shine more of my authenticity into my career and my life. I highly recommend her as a practitioner with genuine heart and deep advanced skills!" πŸ’— Bradford Tilden, Crystal Music Healing. Bradford Tilden Music I receive Universal White Time Healing Energy & Gemstone healing, and study with Bradford.
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