People’s Stories & Testimonials

As a practitioner for 28 years, Sandra Lee has received many testimonials.


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Human Design - Business

** Having my Human Design Reading with Sandra helped me get into alignment with who I am and what I am doing in my business. I had a gazillion big ideas and felt a bit stretched thin without knowing for certain what a truly sustainable path forward could look like. Understanding my Human Design gave me the North Star guidance I need to sort through the proverbial weeds. Now I see the path to take and it feels so easy. I am not scared and it just makes sense. My reading reminded me of who I am and what I am up to in the world. It showed me how far I have come and reaffirmed that I am on the right track. I benefited from Sandra’s very practical advice, and am seeing results having applied it even within a few short days. My attention is much more focused and making decisions is easier than it has ever been for my life and my business.

~ Andrea Cameron, Director of Style at Fashion Your Life,

Biofield Tuning - Starting a Business

** For a few months, I'd been feeling stuck. Overwhelmed by the options available and paralyzed, I couldn't move forward.

Immediately after my Biofield Tuning session with Sandra, I took action. I decided on a direction and took the first action, then the second. I'm building momentum!

I highly recommend working with Sandra! ~ Heather Gilmore,

Biofield Tuning - Trauma

** Tricia was molested at ages 2 and 7, and raped at ages 16 and 22. In the audio, she mentions specifics about her profound changes. Tricia, thank you for sharing so generously.

Freedom has come to me through doing Biofield Tuning. Biofield Tuning brings you to a whole other level of awareness. Thank you for doing what you do, and for doing it your way. I’ve had enough of the old me, the old energies that kept me in the hamster wheel. Now all I want to do is fly. This work is crazy in such an amazingly beautiful, magical way.

I suggest everybody do this. When they’re ready. All I can say is Just Do It. Take a chance. Do it even if you’re scared. You definitely won’t regret it.

~ Tricia Laramee, Vermont

Tricia now feels in control of her life, and she trusts herself. She experienced profound changes in many areas. Physical pain, overwhelm and chaos, motivation, getting things done, energy, sleep, exercise, readiness for relationship, and so much more.

Audio of Tricia telling her story.

Biofield Tuning - Acute Injuries

** I have received biofield tuning sessions in person. Sandra is quite intuitive and easily picks up on my past “stuff”.

I took a bad fall and sprained my wrist. It was swollen and bruised. Sandra did a distance session. As she worked, the bruise faded, and I was able to close my hand, and move my wrist through gentle range of motion. I felt energy moving throughout the session and afterwards. My wrist felt “healing” prickles for days. Sandra intuitively sensed and addressed the skinned knee, bruised face, and smashed toe that I hadn’t mentioned.

This is powerful and wonderful therapy. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain for acute injuries. ~ LS Penticton, BC




Biofield Tuning - Animals

** My old cowboy 🤠 Oly couldn’t walk and wasn’t breathing good. I thought last night was his last. Sandra Lee did distant Biofield Tuning and the mucus that filled his lungs has almost disappeared and he is walking. Big Shout out and heartfelt thank you, Sandra. ~ Valerie Terrell, Olympia, WA Defining Image Photographs

Biofield Tuning Group Sessions

Jane shares her experience with Biofield Tuning Group Sessions. Thank you!

Parts of Jane's story are here but not in the shorter segments below. Includes: Healing Acute Issue & Other Stuff. 7 minutes

1+ minute segment of Jane’s Story.

1+ minute segment of Jane’s Story - Clearing Old Issues

Manifesting & Abundance - BT Group Sessions

** Patti shares her experience with a Biofield Tuning Group Session focusing on Manifesting and Abundance.

I just finished listening to the recording of our manifestation session, and went outside to putter in the garden. My next door neighbour who has been hemming and hawing about booking a shiatsu session came across the lawn with a cheque for a 3 session package!!!
I’m letting my light shine.
~ Patti Lansdell, BC, Tsubo Shiatsu



**I joined Sandra’s group Biofield Tuning series on Manifesting and Abundance. Immediately after the first group session, we had a money making opportunity. In subsequent sessions, I worked on old wounds of powerlessness that the (COVID) forced shutdowns had triggered. I recommend Biofield Tuning sessions with Sandra.” ~Katlyn Summers, AZ

Human Design

Thank you, Jess!

** All my life, I have felt like people are always asked me to do things for them. No one seemed to care about me and what I wanted. This really bothered me.

I had a Human Design reading with Sandra, and it made sense of everything. She flipped how I think about these interactions. Now I see them as opportunities to contribute to people, rather than as stressful, bothersome and frustrating.

These perspectives all came from my Human Design chart. It was all about "Why am I here?" ~ Anonymous, U.K.

Biofield Tuning - Anxiety, Business

This happened after Kristy’s first Biofield Tuning session.
“For the first time going on vacation, I didn’t have anxiety coming back to reality. Normally when I know vacation is ending, when I wake up, I start feeling anxiety. My body and mind feel like I never went on vacation. This time, I feel good, lighter. Most importantly, I feel more peaceful. I never experienced that before.

I tolerate work better. My personal business is starting to thrive. And I’m dealing with my job a lot better. Normally I have a jillion things running through my head causing anxiety. I have a lot of responsibilities. Now I just deal with the calls as they come. They no longer consume me.

What you said about holding things in my body resonated. I can feel the muscle memory in my body of what I felt as a child.

My body totally responded to the session. Like a physical reaction. My body was purging all of the toxic stuff I was holding onto.

I have been recommending Biofield Tuning to everyone. Thank you, Sandra!” ~ Kristy

Biofield Tuning Client appreciation
Thanks Bonnie Orenstein for sending appreciation after doing Biofield Tuning.