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As a practitioner for over 25 years, Sandra Lee has received many testimonials. This is a representative sampling.

SOMA Neuromuscular Integration

Deep Tissue & Craniosacral Bodywork

Human Design

The Healing Codes

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Energy & Intuitive Work


House/Space Clearing

SOMA Neuromuscular Integration

Sandra's SOMA work did exactly what I'd hoped it would - resolve my hip pain and help with my severe depression. But it also gave me much more, far more than I could have imagined.

When I began SOMA, I was in a troubled marriage and living a lifestyle that didn't suit me. I had begun a career as an author, but was getting nothing but rejections. I was unhappy, unsure of myself, and terrified of moving forward. I was stuck.

Since I completed SOMA, so much of my life has transformed. My troubled marriage ended, and I began a new, wonderful life living near the ocean. I now fill my days with writing, and have sold 4 books. I met and married my soul mate. I lost over 100 pounds. I stopped taking medication for bipolar disorder.

Here's the thing about SOMA - at least as Sandra practices it. SOMA is more than just bodywork. SOMA is a doorway. A doorway to the life that you want to live. It's like the stuck places get freed up - the physical stuck places, and the mental, emotional, and spiritual. SOMA can help release you from old thought, belief, and action patterns that are keeping you where you don't want to be. At least, that's what it did for me.

I HIGHLY recommend Sandra's SOMA work.

~ Ande Waggener,

I took on the personal challenge of competing in the Penticton Ironman triathalon. At the beginning of my year of intensive training, Sandra recommended that I go through the SOMA bodywork series. SOMA improved my body's balance and ease of functioning, supporting me in performing to the best of my ability. Following completion of SOMA, we continued with regularly scheduled bodywork sessions. Bodywork was instrumental in helping me recover from several minor injuries, while continuing in training. Having Sandra as part of my support team really helped me achieve my goal of completing the Penticton Ironman.  ~ Adam Konanz, DC, Okanagan Chiropractic, Penticton, BC

As I went through the series of SOMA sessions with Sandra, I experienced significant postural improvements. Now all of my movements, from sports activities to daily activities like walking are easier and smoother. Elbow pain and decreased strength that had been bothering me are now almost completely gone. I'm seeing improvements in the range of motion of my shoulder. Before SOMA, I felt like my symptoms were gradually increasing over the years. This was limiting my ability to engage in activities. Now I feel like I can continue improving over time, and I feel great.  ~ Jeff Thomas, Penticton, BC

I have long struggled with the disconnection between my body and my spirit. I did a wide variety of things, all in search of a way to be alive in my body as well as in my spirit. As soon as I started working with Sandra, things started making sense for me in the spiritual world like never before. Long-held fear and grief came though my body, as well as a sense of incredible love and a desire to share compassion with the world. Sandra and SOMA have been instruments of light and healing in God's hand for me. ~ David James, Olympia, WA

Through doing SOMA with Sandra, I discovered a sense of center and direction; increased flexibility, stability, and strength; and a sense of being an integrated whole person, rather than individual body parts. I feel less numb about life, less passive. And I rediscovered my love of dance. ~ Jamie Lynn Colley, Odissi dancer, Olympia, WA

I have had a fear of receiving deep bodywork for many years. I met Sandra and knew that with her strong and conscious style, I would benefit from receiving SOMA. My body and spirit received wonderful shifts and releases, in large part, due to Sandra's abilities. ~ Tessa Rose, Olympia, WA

You gave a whole new meaning to 'getting your head on straight.' Now that my head balances over my shoulders instead of bobbing out in front of them, I have begun to run again-something I had to give up due to an injury. Even walking is fun, because I'm interacting with and in my body. The effects of SOMA are lasting, because they are integrated into behavior, which becomes attitude, which is interaction with others. Thank you. ~ Frank Palermo, Olympia, WA

My entire physical structure has relaxed, strengthened, and released all chronic pain. My hips have released and are now flexible, with a remarkable result that my feet are now straight, while they were noticeably pigeon toed before. My emotional tension, stress, and pain have reduced just as dramatically as my physical tension, stress, and pain. Sandra compassionately and capably holds the space for me to do very deep work. It has been remarkable and gratifying working with her.   ~ Alan Treat, Yelm, WA

Next are excerpts from a more lengthy testimonial.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Sandra's SOMA treatments have changed my life. I can honestly say that these sessions were the best thing I have done for my body and my life. I am a 77 year old man with a slight mobility impairment that requires me to use a cane for walking.

When I visited Sandra, I left stronger, balanced, and pain free. We talked about SOMA, but I live in Calgary. Finally, I signed up and booked flights.

I used to walk stooped over, looking at the ground. Now my back is straight, and my head held high. I had become discouraged with life and shut down. Now I am open, positive, and truly alive. I held deeply ingrained beliefs about how I was aging. I reversed those beliefs and am anticipating terrific 'twilight' years.

My wife says she has a new husband. I tell her I'm the same guy, but in a younger body and sporting a lighter spirit. My mind is open. And I'm happy.

For anyone who wants to make an improvement in their well being, once you try Sandra's skilled and holistic approach, you will be a believer. She knows how to provide exactly what her clients need.

~ Jackson Donovan, Calgary

My shoulders were rolled forward after years at my laptop computer. Through SOMA, I was able to correct my posture and relieve the constant pain in my neck and back. SOMA is a mind/emotion/spirit/body experience. ~ Terry Taylor, Olympia, WA

My body feels great. I have been doing lots of new things and have lots of possibilities in front of me. Thanks to you and SOMA. I am determined to have a new job doing something that I find more meaningful and less stressful.  ~ Jill Lieseke, Olympia, WA

Deep Tissue & Craniosacral Bodywork

When I began bodywork sessions with Sandra, my head position was so far forward that I had to have a sizable pillow under my neck and head to able to lie flat on my back. Part way through our first session, my head was resting on the table without the pillow. Sandra encouraged me to do stretches and exercises to improve my posture. Over time, with the combination of exercises and bodywork, my posture has improved significantly. My balance is better, physical activities are easier, and I am able to do more without becoming short of breath. (I have COPD.) The last time my doctor checked my breathing capacity, we were both surprised to find that it had increased 10%.  ~ Ferd Van Deursen, Olympia, WA

I had a long time painful injury that reoccurred every three years. It was controlling my life, my thoughts, my emotions. I was hurting, overweight, depressed, sluggish, and really didn't think much of myself. My head and thoughts were always foggy. I had migraines, hot flashes, and didn't sleep more than two hours at a time. I was a MESS. After my first visit, I left her office relaxed, with a positive attitude, and  my shoulder was less painful. The numbness and tingling in my hand and arm were much better. With Sandra's help, I am clear headed, think better, have NO headaches, no hot flashes, I sleep well, and have no acid reflux. I feel better about my life and myself. My body is healing. Sandra helped me find what I needed. There is no stopping me now.  ~ Dianna Stiebrs, Yelm, WA

Human Design

When I met Sandra, I knew that she came into my life for a purpose. She told me about Human Design, and from that day forward, my whole life has changed! Learning about aspects of myself that were not defined, and how that would impact my consistency in expression in these areas, it made perfect sense! My whole life I've wondered why it was difficult for me to express how I feel to certain people, like my parents! Through Human Design, I've learned that my communication center is not defined, so communication may be difficult for me. Now I understand that, despite what I do, this is how I am. I can stop beating myself up about things I can't change! Now I focus on accepting that I have this difficulty and working with it the best way that I can. I have shared with my friends and family about my chart, so they are more aware. Now we're starting to understand each other better. Human Design is better than any birth chart or horoscope you could ever read, because it is truly a road map of how you were made. It sheds light on how you interact with others, how you respond to stress, even how you parent your children!  ~ Marsha Fulton, Olympia, WA

I loved the reading! Plus it was fun! I learned that aspects of my life that I have experienced as frustrating are actually part of how I am designed. Now I see these situations as opportunities to make my contribution to the world. I feel so much lighter. The reading was a grand gift beyond my imagination.  ~ Polly Williams, Olympia, WA

My partner and I got a lot from our readings. I am impressed with how 'bang on' the information is! You clarified and validated the sentiments we have experienced together. This will help us define our relationship from today forward.  ~ Anonymous, Penticton, BC

Thank you so much for the Human Design reading. I had read two books and researched on the Internet. I had looked at my chart and my child's and understood a great deal about them. I think the reading was MORE meaningful because I had studied. I had figured out a lot of the pieces, but you put it together nicely in a complete package. Now I understand my system and my child's system, and how they work together. Thank you so much for your help.  ~ Linda M., Tacoma, WA

The Healing Codes

After our session, I took a nap then turned the corner regarding my health. I have been getting better and better. My sore throat was gone within 24 hours of our session. I am still clearing out a lot of mucous, but my immune system and energy have increased. I am learning to be patient, listen to my body, be gentle and pace myself. Big lessons are occurring around slowing way down. I am seeing clients again, which feels really good as I love my work. However, I am not pushing. Thank you for all your love and the brilliant work you do. I feel the Healing Codes that you did for me were powerful and effective. I am back to feeling good after a very long time. Sandra, thank you for everything. I appreciate your being there for me. You have been instrumental in getting me through the toughest healing responses and challenges in my life. May God keep blessing you and the work you do.   ~ Rita Hovakimian,

I'm making progress! Thank you, Sandra. I'm more aware of when I'm in fear, and I get my 'team' together to discuss what's going on. I do the codes daily and am feeling more chipper. I've been so apathetic, scared and crappy feeling. It's wonderful to notice a difference. I'm more able to talk directly to people about uncomfortable things. It is great being able to walk into my fear, let it be and find out what's behind it in an adult way, rather than hiding from it, feeling immobilized and wanting to pull the covers over my head. I will continue to process and do the Kindness Code whenever I need it. Many thanks for your love and service, Sandra.  ~ Jen Swain

Thanks so much for the Healing Code to address my food issues. For the first time, I started to feel truly nourished and blessed by my food. As I do the codes, the positive loving energy flowing is remarkable. I'm feeling subtle changes happening on all levels. A new truth statement flowed into my mind. "I allow myself to be full." Although I was eating a lot, because of my emotional feeling of loss, I just never felt full. May you too be nourished and blessed.  ~ D.K.

I am so grateful to have manifested you as my coach. I had not expected to you to be this good. Thanks for being great. . . I feel strangely calm - a shift has taken place.  ~ Anonymous

I want to thank Sandra for her effort on my behalf. It always feels like she truly cares that I succeed. I have done so much personal work and spent tens of thousands of dollars to deprogram from a religious cult that I was raised in. Things have gotten better, but I have always felt like there was a piece of the puzzle missing. In a call with Sandra, she brought up a memory that happened when I was 8 years old. Sandra didn't know how traumatic that year was for me. On a spirit level, she was bang on. Since working with that memory, I feel like I have found the very core of all the issues. All my life I have felt that no matter how much good came my way, something bad was about to happen. It's like living with the brakes on. Thanks to Sandra, I am working through it. The weight, oppression, and depression are lifting day by day. Every other program has danced around this issue and helped me manage this feeling so I could ignore it. I believe that I can now completely heal it. I can't thank The Healing Codes and Sandra enough. ~ Jan Janzen,

The Emotion Code/The Body Code

My mother was my very first Body Code 'guinea pig.' Prior to our session, she felt like arthritic symptoms in her fingers were worsening rapidly, and she was worried. Activities like gardening aggravated the symptoms, including pain. After we cleared 4-5 things with The Body Code, her fingers were much better on the right side, and significantly better on the left. It only took a couple of minutes. She noticed differences after clearing just one blocked emotion. I called her today, nineteen days after our session. She is no longer worried, because the symptoms are no longer increasing, even following activity. She still has more flexibility and less pain than before doing The Body Code.       ~ Sandra's mother

Panic attacks were really limiting what I have been able to do. Even though I knew there was nothing real for me to be afraid of, I was still worrying all the time. Using The Emotion Code, Sandra cleared several blocked emotions. Since then, when fears come up, I have been able to let them go with ease. Daily activities like shopping are so much easier now. I find myself actually looking forward to visits with friends, and to family trips away from home. It's amazing. It is obvious to me that I was ready to let go of my unreasonable fears. I feel so much happier.  ~ KT, Penticton, BC

I used to worry that I wouldn't be able to pay my bills. Even though our bills always get paid, I had this worry continually. Sandra did The Body Code focusing on this issue. A month later, she asked if I had been worrying about paying the bills. At that moment, I realized that this fear was completely gone! I had forgotten that it had been an issue for me.  ~ Jo Horst, Olympia, WA

Since we did The Emotion Code, my being has experienced a new kind of lightness. I had a day where I was very emotional. It felt like the pressure valve just had to let go. Yesterday, my husband gave me the silent treatment. Remarkably, I didn't respond in the old ways.  ~ Diana

I had experienced balance difficulties, and some instances of internal hemorrhaging when receiving bodywork. I am aware of liver involvement, and believe that emotions are behind the symptoms. Getting into The Body Code, my liver became very energetically activated. We cleared several things, including a heart wall, and my liver calmed down. Since then, my balance has improved, and I began my period, which I haven't had since the summer. Wow! ~ TS, Seattle, WA

Sandra did The Body Code for my Yorkie, working with her aggression and fear of vehicles. A few weeks later, we noticed she showed less fear of vehicles.        ~ Lesley Punt, Penticton, BC


Sandra makes me feel like I am the most important person in the world when I am with her. I feel so well taken care of. You will never have more personal attention, love, and skill from another body worker.  ~ Karin Wagner, Olympia, WA

Sandra has the ability to relax yet energize the whole body. When I entered the office, I was bouncing in all directions. When I left, I was whole and at peace.  ~ Laurie Barnoski, Olympia, WA

I love my sessions with Sandra. When I leave our appointments, I feel relaxed, peaceful and balanced. I am consciously aware of feeling more fully like myself. It's like all the stress and busyness of my daily life has dropped away.

My chronic pattern has been to hold tension in my jaw, chest, and solar plexus. I've also experienced thoracic outlet syndrome for years. Working with Sandra has tremendously helped me with all of these issues, and the symptoms are mostly gone. When symptoms return, because of stress or overuse, they go away with Sandra's assistance.   ~ Jo Horst, Olympia, WA

Sandra really cares about helping people. Because she's knowledgeable about so many things, she has the ability to give that help. She's good at making true connections with people, and has the ability to know exactly what help is needed at what time. Over the decade or so that I've known Sandra, she has helped me in multiple areas of my life. Her bodywork, and her suggestions for supplements, healing tools, and seminars have helped me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Sandra has opened my eyes to new ways of seeing the world. If you want to create a wonderful life that fulfills all your dreams, you'll do yourself a big favor when you get Sandra on your team. I am SO grateful to have her on mine.  ~ Ande Waggener,

I am an 84 year old with very painful and debilitating osteoarthritis. For some months, I have worked with Sandra Lee. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of her care and really look forward to our visits. The massage helps my arthritic pain and relaxes me. It has significantly increased the coordination and flexibility of my joints. Sandra is attentive and sensitive to the needs of an elderly person like myself. I always feel very comfortable in her hands. I would recommend Sandra to anyone. ~ Jackie Daniels, Olympia, WA

Energy & Intuitive Work

I am the last person to trust something called 'energy healing.' I'm the pragmatic, skeptical type who needs to see, hear, and touch something before I believe it's there. I thought energy healing was a sort of voodoo. I broke my arm badly in two places. Four months later, the docs said the x-rays looked great, everything was healing beautifully. So why was I in such pain? Everything hurt: opening a door, driving the car, getting dressed, washing my hair, even holding a glass of water. Sandra Lee poked around on my arm for a few minutes. Yeah, sure, I thought. Two days later, my pain went away. Three weeks later, it started coming back, so I let Sandra give me a full treatment. Now it's been three months, and that searing, aching, broken arm pain has never come back. Noone is more amazed than I am. I recommend Sandra Lee without reservations.  ~ Susan Alexander, Olympia, WA

Thank you so much. Since our session, the sense of doom and fear that I was feeling is gone. The issues that we identified in the session continue to evolve, and I see how they play out in many areas of my life. I am making progress on projects that I have been putting off for weeks. I have an idea for how I can retire at the end of next year, so I can do what I really want to do. Thank you!!  ~ Anonymous

I must let you know how much our session gave me the right push to get back on track. I no longer put deadlines on myself regarding when I need to have something figured out. Like we discussed, sometime in my life time would work just perfect. It is like a thousand bricks being lifted off my shoulders. I have a very relaxed, happy and overall great feeling inside of me.    ~ Anonymous


The adjustments we made to my workstation helped a lot. In fact, I moved my office around and added a much better computer desk, so I'm no longer reaching so far for the mouse. My right arm is no longer bothering me! Thank you so much for noticing that simple problem!  ~ Susan Alexander, Olympia, WA

House/Space Clearing

Sandra did a distant clearing on my house. (She's across the continent from me.) I could tell when she began, because I felt a pleasant, light feeling. Afterwards, I entered my healing room and suddenly felt very grounded and complete. The next day, I taught Reiki(R) in my home. My student was very aware of energy flowing in her hands, even while I was just teaching. As she practiced on me, and as I gave her a Reiki session, it was a more powerful experience than either of us had had before in a Reiki class. I attribute this to Sandra's having created such a clear and healthy space in my home for the healing energies to work.  ~ Judith White, PA

Some friends were having long term problems with a difficult neighbor. I did energy clearing for their house. Without further input on the part of my friends, the neighbor suddenly stopped his un-neighborly and invasive activities. They also experienced an unexpected side benefit. Their young daughter's separation anxiety dramatically decreased.  ~ Sandra

One summer, a friend had me clear the energy at the school where she worked. The previous school year, a couple of students had caused a series of extraordinarily traumatic events, which had impacted the whole school community. When I walked onto the property, I felt the heaviness. After we completed the clearing, it felt like an entirely different place, the energy was so much lighter and freer. My friend later told me that things were back to normal when the school year started.      ~ Sandra





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