Human Design

šŸŒŸ “A Human Design reading with Sandra had a great impact on my interactions with my daughter. We have had difficulty communicating, and not been in close contact. Our Human Design Charts made clear that we differ in how we respond to people and the world. And those differences are not personal! This opened up new freedom for me in being and communicating with her. After 3 years without seeing her family, including my two grandkids, I visited her over Mother’s Day. We were comfortable and appreciative of each other. This was a new start for our relationship.”

~ Anonymous, California

šŸŒŸ “All my life, I have felt like people always ask me to do things for them. No one seemed to care about me and what I wanted. This bothered me.

I had a Human Design reading with Sandra, and it made sense of everything. She flipped how I think about these interactions. Now I see them as opportunities to contribute to people, rather than as stressful, bothersome and frustrating.

These perspectives all came from my Human Design chart. It was all about “Why am I here?”” ~ Anonymous, U.K.

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