Human Design – Business

**”Thank you so much for that very illuminating analysis of my human design chart. I’m looking at all the things in my life I’ve been holding on to… major shiftings. I employed a lot of what I learned with a mentorship client earlier today. I could hear your voice pointing out assets and my whole experience today was at a much higher level of awareness.

🌟 Bradford Tilden, Crystal Music Healing. Bradford Tilden Music

I have received Universal White Time Healing Gemstone healing, and will be studying with him.

“Sandra ran the Human Design chart for my business. Thursday Sandra sent the chart, and I looked at it. The next day, I had a new client. Two minutes into the session she says, “I want three sessions.” I get home, and she texts to buy a package for her friend. She’s like my marketing department, handing out cards to her friends. The day after Sandra got the ball rolling, I did a session with someone else. She’s like, “These are your people. I gave out your name. I told them how much you’ve done for me.” The act of opening that door with Sandra and committing to growing, it got the ball rolling.

🌟 Shannon Quinn is a Biofield Tuning Practitioner. Stillwater Healing

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