Biofield Tuning

👆 Georgiana sent her appreciation the day after her Biofield Tuning session.
** “I have been struggling with an Autoimmune disease and recently it had flared up big time.

I had one session, just one, and the pain that I had for almost a week was gone the next day.

Sandra in Canada, me in Oregon. WOW.”
~ Georgiana Kovell, Sales Coach
🌟 Georgiana is really helping me get better at sales and attracting clients. Thank you! 💖

Bonnie sent her appreciation immediately after her Biofield Tuning session.

** Sandra Lee was incredible, she has fine-tuned her practice, and in my opinion, is one of the best. This was my first experience of a full session, modified by her additional gifts. It was profound for me. No one has ever tuned in to areas in my life like she has. She leaves no room for doubt about this amazing practice, and she most definitely helps shift things for me. It is only the next day for me, so I am still very calm, content, and a bit fatigued. So her reminders of self-care will be taken seriously. Sandra Lee is someone I will recommend, and I will see her again.

~ Linda Crockett, BC

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