Biofield Tuning – Tune Ins

** I ALWAYS look forward to Sandra Lee’s videos and classes! Afterwards, I feel a strong change in my body! After tuning in yesterday, I felt this massive congestion in my heart space growing, until it finally left! Poof! I felt my lung capacity increased exponentially. I felt really good, and hadn’t really known I was carrying any distortions in my heart space.
I benefit from Sandra Lee’s work, every single time I encounter her.
She is a positive miracle in my life!

~ Theresa Dresp, MN

** I truly enjoy the opportunity to take 10-minutes for myself to receive Sandra’s gift of Biofield Tuning. In that short time, I feel calm, safe, and supported. With so much going on around me and within me, I appreciate that the tuning leaves me feeling loved and revitalized!

~ Alana Heim, NV, Cosmic Prosperity Activator, Prosperity Alignment

🌟 Sandra recommends Alana’s prosperity program.

** “I love this quick reset as I am ending my week. It helps me refocus and finish strong! Thank you Sandra!”

~ Amy Civica is a Psychology of Eating Coach and the Founder of The Food Is Love Experience

** “Sandra Lee’s 10 minute tune in was so wonderful. I always get so much out of her sessions. I was particularly impressed how I was able to drop in and get deep calm and focus right in the middle of an unusually chaotic day yesterday in just 10 minutes. Sandra you are gifted and I so appreciate the gift of this powerfully nourishing interlude”

~ Nancy Clark Broach, Wild Art Watercolors

** “With everything going on in the world and as busy as we are, I love taking a break for 10 mins. Then I am relaxed and refocused and ready for the rest of my day.” ~ K.W.

** “A lovely 10 minute restorative pause to breathe, refocus and reset. Thank you” ~ M.B.

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