Biofield Tuning – COVID Hair

šŸŒŸ “Sandra and I discussed using Biofield Tuning to help with what I call my hair trauma. I was open-minded, but a little skeptical. I had COVID for 12 days. I got what I call COVID hair, from the fever. My hair fell out and broke, and it looked damaged, as if I had been in a fire. I got much more out of my session with Sandra than I ever anticipated. I made connections between my past, present and future selves. My hair is a metaphor for my life’s journey. I feel more self-accepting of all parts of myself. My hair is more manageable and less dry even after a short time.”
šŸ’— Erika Dworkin is an experienced Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist. If you need help making practical sense out of your health challenges, contact her.

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