Biofield Tuning & Human Design – Business

👆🌟 “I came to Sandra because I was looking for clarity in my business and my voice. Sandra is intuitive for what you really need. Understanding my Human Design gave me peace, knowing that the things I do are my design. I felt excited when it was time for a session. “Oh good, I get to figure out more words.” I feel more in flow and more at peace with my business. And I would suggest it for anybody.”

💗 Amy Civica is a Psychology of Eating Coach and the Founder of The Food Is Love Experience

👆🌟 “When I first started, I was unable to stand up for myself. I was stuck, anxious, and unable to make decisions. Now I am more confident in my business. I recommend that you do Biofield energy tuning and Human Design with Sandra.”

~ Lacey, British Columbia, Canada

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