Biofield Tuning – Group, Memory & Clear Thinking

👆 Thank you Tricia for sharing your experience with the Memory & Clear Thinking Series, and with Biofield Tuning individual sessions.

👆 Thank you Sage for sharing your experience with the Memory & Clear Thinking Series.

Excerpt: “This being able to understand things helps me support my process of understanding my own well-being. I would recommend this to people who are open to bringing more openness and more clarity to their life and business.

🌟 Sage helps me tremendously with computer-related things, SEO, and graphics. Seattle, WA area, Natural Lynx

** I took the Memory & Clear Thinking Series, because I was becoming concerned. Sometimes I really struggled to find words. And I wouldn’t see things I was looking for, when they were right in front of my face.

During the sessions, I appreciated learning why lifestyle habits like food and exercise matter for brain health. Deciding to eat less chocolate has helped.

What has changed? Words are coming more easily. And it’s been months since my spouse has had to point out objects that are sitting right there.
~ Anonymous

** Sandra is amazing. In all the sessions I’ve had, I’ve come to a deeper understanding of myself, and the stresses and emotions I carry in my body and Biofield.

During this series, I cleared significant subconscious behavior patterns. Now I’m better at choosing what is best for me, rather than what is habitual.

Sandra’s personal and group sessions are grounding, clear and direct. I always leave feeling lighter and with new insights. I feel whole and confident in ways I had not realized were missing before.

I introduced her work to my mother and as expected, Sandra has another fan.

I am extremely grateful the Universe has crossed my path with hers.
~ Katlyn S.

** It’s amazing being in a group for Memory and Clear Thinking. And it affects me in many other ways. Like the skin on my face is so soft. It’s like a trickle effect of love. I want to do more, just because it feels good.
Before this, we did 22 weeks of Biofield Tuning. Now this series is working on deeper levels.

I’m relearning how to eat. I don’t eat just to eat. I’m more aware and want to make better choices. The traumatized inner child part of me wants sugar and bad food. And the healing part just wants to feel nourished and happy.
I no longer need to eat to feel safe and secure. This was where my feeling overwhelmed came from!
I made really good food the other day, and I ate every single bite of it. Everything in me was saying hallelujah!
I’m learning to no longer do things automatically, based on conditioning. What is it I want? What serves me? That is self love.

~ Tricia

** I highly recommend Sandra’s brilliant Biofield Tunings, which she supercharges by incorporating the powerful healing energies of Euphoralite Stones and Lasers. She has a finely tuned ability to intuit what is most needed in each session, whether for individuals, groups or the Collective. Her multifaceted background and experience are exceptional. She is making a difference in the world. ❤️

~ Catherine Eick, CA

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