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Tuning Up to Thrive It’s a SILENT MOVIE!! 🤣 It was FUN when my video about Communication & Relationships didn’t turn out. I got SO much out of it. Watch 👆 that one, up there. Here’s the video with part of my message in it. 👇 As I prepare the newsletter, I play the video…

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The Secrets are hidden - Where?

Human Design body graph outline

Tuning Up to Thrive So, where are the secrets for your business hidden? It’s a question many of us find ourselves pondering. Today’s video talks about Human Design. Your Design chart is a fascinating blueprint that offers profound insights into your individuality and purpose, and how you serve in both your personal and professional life.…

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Intentions & Awareness During the Holidays

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Tuning Up to Thrive Are you the life of the party? Or do you fade into the background? 💗 You are not alone! That’s been me, a wallflower silently yearning to find my voice. In this season of office parties and neighborhood potlucks, wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel more comfortable and confident? Thanks to…

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Self-care & Connection During the Holidays

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Tuning Up to Thrive Breathe. And pause the running around. Allow stress to melt away. Breathe. 💗 It’s all too common to prioritize everyone else’s needs over your own, especially during the holiday season. I wanted to take a moment to address the added pressures and demands that can amplify tensions in your marriage during…

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Holidays & Feeling Separate

red box with human design and others flying out

Tuning Up to Thrive Do you have holiday stories? 🎄🎁 Last week, I shared about holidays with my large family. This got me thinking about other memories associated with those times. Here’s a video delving into those stories. 👆 Check it out! As a teenager, I was just like any other girl, dealing with my…

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