Is Memory Stored in the Brain? Body Stores Stress Series

Is Memory Storage in My Brain? Body Stores Stress, Sandra Lee

“Memory is more indelible than ink.” ~  Anita Loos “Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” ~  L.M. Montgomery, The Story Girl More Powerful than a Super Computer The brain appears to be where thinking happens. So it’s understandable to believe that memory is stored there. Science really doesn’t…

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What’s Your Fractal? Human Design Hints

What's Your Fractal? Human Design Hints, Magnetic Attraction

“Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems.”    ~ Sun Tzu Attracting Opportunities Everyone wants to attract their perfect opportunities. I do. You do. It’s human nature.I am always attracting opportunities, though I may not be consciously aware of this.Here is how I explain attraction to my Human Design clients. Your chart beams out into the…

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