Getting people to say Yes

hand below and hand above, healing

Tuning Up to Thrive Getting people to say “Yes” to your healing work Your appointment calendar has too many holes. You feel desperate about paying the bills, and you’re saying, “How do I get people to say ‘Yes’ to this amazing healing work?” I’ve been there. Watch the super-short video about Human Design and getting…

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A wheel fell off my car

Shocked, unhappy woman in glasses and her hand to her mouth

Consciously Create 2023 Holy #%^@!&, a wheel fell off my car Yes, you read that right. It really did.There’s a whole story about why it happened, but we don’t need to go into that. How I handled it is worth sharing. I didn’t get freaked out and upset. Much as I want to feel fabulous…

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Love & laughter, money & freedom in 2023

Smiling sun glasses emoji, love and laughter glasses

Consciously Create 2023 Love & laughter, money & freedom in 2023 Do you want to attract love and laughter into your relationships this year? Would you like money and freedom too? Hey, guess what. Making that real requires being intentional. If you want to notice an increase in love and laughter, focusing your awareness on…

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Would You Benefit? Inner Gem Shine System

Sandra with Inner Gem Shine Cards and a Layout

Inner Gem Shine System How would you benefit from the Inner Gem Shine system? People really love my cards!“This is so amazingly simple and easy to use!” That’s what one of my clients said this week. 💖 In the video , I share about the kinds of things they are good for. Uh, well, like…

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In the Creative Flow & Human Design

Sandra Lee with Inner Gem Shine & Breathe cards, and a Human Design chart

Awaken the Heart of Your Business In the Creative Flow & How Human Design Works When was the last time you were so excited about a project that you woke up in the morning brainstorming ideas? Your life purpose is probably contributing big time to these experiences. The card deck I’m designing to support people…

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Getting Better at Anything takes Behavior Change

Reminder Light bulb note on cork board

Awaken the Heart of Your Business Getting Better at Anything takes Behavior Change If you’re like me, you’re always seeking to get better. And this requires behavior changes in all areas of life: health, happiness, work, finances, relationships, etc. Here’s an example. According to a Healthline survey, 86% of people know sugar is unhealthy, and…

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