Life Experience Attracts More of the Same

Balls of experience magnetically attracting opportunities

How Biofield Tuning Works Life Experiences from the Past Attract More of the Same You want opportunities. 😉 So do I.Work, relationship, and social opportunities. 💃🏻 Artistic, creative, and performance. New foods, products, and activities. 💰 Investments and purchases. Opportunities are everywhere. However, my thoughts and beliefs powerfully shape the people and situations I attract.…

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The Story of Your Life in Human Design

Story book with a tree, road, birds, clouds, and sunset

Foundational Elements of Human Design The Story of Your Life in Human Design Learning what I share in today’s video blew my mind.Because at that point, I still thought I didn’t matter. When you want to understand your purpose and the difference you make, where do you look? Your daily life! Because you contribute every…

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