Your Brain Matters! Love It

Love your Brain, red heart brain

Why am I in the kitchen? I don’t remember. !!??!! The changes have been gradual. But for years, there have been minor signs that my brain just isn’t working as well as it used to. Is this happening to you? I thought this image so perfect. You Can Do Something About This Wherever you are…

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Fragrances: Reason to Be Concerned

Driving to a restaurant with my son, I could hardly breathe. Laundry residues on his clothes smelled so strong that I barely tolerated our hour together. The ‘normal’ amount of laundry scent on him usually gives me headaches. We had previously spoken about fragrances. This day, the scent wave practically knocked me over! I never…

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My Mindset, My Choice

My Mindset, My Choice, let go of stress, breathe, body stores stress, experiences in your biofield

Sometimes things are outside of my control, and I get to choose how to handle it. If I allow things to upset me, there is a negative impact on my health, my happiness, and my ability to be successful. A lot has been out of control since the pandemic began in 2020. Each person settles…

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Forks for Clear Thinking

It feels like my head is swimming and out of control. I can’t focus. Give up on getting anything done. What’s happening? I ate ‘too much’ sugar, and my brain is wigged out. If you care about your brain’s ability to sustain throughout a long and healthy life, managing blood sugar matters! This blog talks…

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Get Support for Your Movement Needs

Fitness at Home

“I know I need to move more. But I don’t feel like it. I’ll do it tomorrow.” “It’s miserably hot outside.” “I’m too busy. Exercise has to wait.” Getting Movement Can Be Challenging This is the real life me. Right now. Movement is critical for health. Yet incorporating sufficient movement into daily life is challenging.…

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