Storytelling ~ Instead of getting a ride home

woman walking on path

Tuning Up to Thrive Instead of getting a ride home while my tires were being changed, I walked and did Biofield Tuning in the drizzle. Most people have the repair shop drive them home during service calls. Instead I was prepared for walking, spinning rope over my shoulder, and tuning fork in my hand. Leaning…

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Take care of #1 - need a reminder?

Woman with a backpack walking on a trail

Tuning Up to Thrive You and I are always helping people. As healers and coaches, that’s what we do. So in case nobody’s told you yet this week, you’re doing great with making a difference in the world. People’s lives and businesses are SO much better, thanks to you. And in case you need help…

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A love note from me to you

line drawn adult and baby elephants with balloons

Tuning Up to Thrive I think today I’ll just get right to the point. 💖 I want to say I love having you in my community. It feels really awesome to share a love of healing, and of empowering ourselves and our clients. This week’s video talks about the extraordinary efforts I take to maintain…

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charlie chaplin figure

Tuning Up to Thrive It’s a SILENT MOVIE!! 🤣 It was FUN when my video about Communication & Relationships didn’t turn out. I got SO much out of it. Watch 👆 that one, up there. Here’s the video with part of my message in it. 👇 As I prepare the newsletter, I play the video…

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The Secrets are hidden - Where?

Human Design body graph outline

Tuning Up to Thrive So, where are the secrets for your business hidden? It’s a question many of us find ourselves pondering. Today’s video talks about Human Design. Your Design chart is a fascinating blueprint that offers profound insights into your individuality and purpose, and how you serve in both your personal and professional life.…

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OMG, what a waste of time! Scrolling & Stress

woman scrolling phone

Tuning Up to Thrive OMG, what a waste of time! This is the thought in my head as I scroll Facebook, pretending to do something effective for my business. It being January, you’ve probably set business goals. Yet, do you still lose time scrolling? This actually builds stress! You may even be carrying around a…

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Fun & Miracles All Year

miracle jar

Tuning Up to Thrive It is undeniable that daily habits have a impact on both my personal life and my healing business. This is why I believe in the power of cultivating real habits rather than making fleeting New Year’s Resolutions. This week’s video delves into new habits I added to invite more fun and…

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Happy New Year! 🌟 What FUN are You Creating?

woman arms open in front of balloons

Tuning Up to Thrive Happy New Year! Are you setting intentions and goals, making plans for the year? Whatever it is I am doing this year, I am prioritizing fun. These sparkles are part of my having fun. I want more magic and love in my work. And I want you to receive fun, magic…

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Have fun? What? 🤣 & Merry Christmas! 🎁

Wood xmas dolls in snow

Tuning Up to Thrive When you are with people, are you genuinely having fun? Perhaps you feel uncomfortable fully expressing yourself. See if you can begin to create an environment wherein you feel safe and can be heard, allowing you to be your authentic self. (Now, reading this, it may seem like I’m saying this…

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Intentions & Awareness During the Holidays

hands with light on sparkly blue background

Tuning Up to Thrive Are you the life of the party? Or do you fade into the background? 💗 You are not alone! That’s been me, a wallflower silently yearning to find my voice. In this season of office parties and neighborhood potlucks, wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel more comfortable and confident? Thanks to…

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Self-care & Connection During the Holidays

hands with light on sparkly red background

Tuning Up to Thrive Breathe. And pause the running around. Allow stress to melt away. Breathe. 💗 It’s all too common to prioritize everyone else’s needs over your own, especially during the holiday season. I wanted to take a moment to address the added pressures and demands that can amplify tensions in your marriage during…

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Holidays & Feeling Separate

red box with human design and others flying out

Tuning Up to Thrive Do you have holiday stories? 🎄🎁 Last week, I shared about holidays with my large family. This got me thinking about other memories associated with those times. Here’s a video delving into those stories. 👆 Check it out! As a teenager, I was just like any other girl, dealing with my…

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