My Experience With Essential Oils & Safety

When I got together with my husband, I learned that I always smelled a little like essential oils. I never purposely wore them for scent, so was completely unaware that I had this exceptional body odor. Essential oils were part of my massage therapy practice. These amazing plant compounds naturally benefit human health in a…

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Energy of Money

energy of money, attract, magnet, coins, bills falling

I freaked out when I saw the money wasn’t in my account for the bill. I realized the entire energy field of my body was slammed shut. I did Biofield Tuning for myself, and my energy returned to ‘normal.’ Now I know what it’s like having a panic attack. Your Relationship With Money Do you…

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Looking Good & the Energy of Success


Stepping down from the stage, Terry comes straight to me. “I am so distracted that I can’t think straight.” I am providing Leader Support for a program at Landmark Education. Terry’s stockings were not quite the right shade, and she was struggling to focus. The precise shade of her stockings might appear to be an…

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