From Chicken feet to Community. Huh? 不

Sandra with a chicken foot

Tuning Up to Thrive I thought Id send a picture of me being goofy. Holding a chicken foot! 不 “Why?” To amuse you, and because it’s funny! You have to admit that there aren’t many people who will have a picture like this in their blog. Sundays with Sandra this week features chicken feet. …

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Opportunity & Connections ~ Line 4 Profile

Hands of team members on a log Community opportunity

Foundational Elements of Human Design Opportunity Comes Through Connections ~ Line 4 Profiles “I love being in a network of business owners, where we support each other and provide exceptional service for everyone’s customers. When you need something, we’ve got you covered.” Line 4 Profiles rely upon their network of family, friends, and colleagues. Opportunities…

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