Are You Stuck In A Negative Experience?

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Choose Positive Experiences

Human Design Hints


When I’m stuck, I can choose positive experiences.

“We become what we think about.” ~ Earl Nightingale

Do You Stay Stuck?

I’ve certainly been stuck and run mind loops. I replay mistakes and keep myself upset about them. I obsess about conversations where ‘I was right.’ Or I can’t let go of what I ‘should’ have done or said.It’s like a Chinese finger trap. I fight it and just get more frustrated.

chinese finger trap are you stuck choose positive experiences

Powerful Choices

One of the most powerful choices I have is where to put my attention, thoughts, and feelings.When I am stuck in negative thoughts and experiences, I attract more of the same.I am the only person who can change this.

Human Design helps me find a more empowering and satisfying way.

Positive & Negative Aspects in Human Design

Every element of the Human Design chart has both positive and not-so-positive aspects.Human Design helps me recognize the challenging experiences that I am likely to have, and make more positive and empowering choices.

Disclaimer. Please Note: I am not a health care provider. I am not diagnosing, prescribing, or treating any condition. If you have a health condition, please contact your physician.

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Sandra Lee

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Sandra Lee, Energy Healer

Sandra Lee

HealerSandra Lee has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 30 years, and is now a Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Human Design Specialist.

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