Storytelling ~ Instead of getting a ride home

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Tuning Up to Thrive

Instead of getting a ride home while my tires were being changed, I walked and did Biofield Tuning in the drizzle.

Most people have the repair shop drive them home during service calls.

Instead I was prepared for walking, spinning rope over my shoulder, and tuning fork in my hand.

Leaning my weight into pushing open the heavy glass door of the mechanics shop, I set out into the overcast day.

Not quite raining, there’s just enough water falling that it’s neither dry nor wet. The air’s got that slightly damp smell, that hasn’t had enough rain falling to clear it out.

“Hmm, I’m not accustomed to walking through industrial areas,” passed through my mind, as my steps crunched on the dusty gravel on the ground and a gust of wind rattled the chain link fences.

Squatting next to a box filled with broken pieces of wooden pallets, I wedged my phone on it’s selfie stick into place for a quick Reel.

Hey, I’m walking and doing Biofield Tuning. I can provide service for you anywhere.

Then the phone’s in my bag, and tuning fork and hockey puck are in my hands.

One of my clients is in Zurich, Switzerland. And I work on him anytime I like during the week.

Now, I’ve not done this before, doing a client’s session while walking down the street. This is kind of fun. Striking the tuning fork, I visualize the sound waves spreading out into the space. Is this going to provide healing for any of those unsuspecting workers in the yard of the refrigerated truck company? A little shiver of satisfaction spreads warmth through my heart, knowing I’m serving people in ways that they will never recognize.

I’m serving people in ways that they will never recognize.

Gather in my wandering thoughts. It’s time to focus on healing Anthony’s spine. He’s receiving stem cell injections in Mexico this week. Sound and intentions carry stem cells into the body of lumbar five. Circulation carries a stream of healing into the center of the bone. Feeling the bone plump up with revitalization and life.

Still tuning as I round the corner, now I’m on a narrow path of that industrial not-quite dirt with brown not-quite grass between the parked cars and a concrete wall. As my alternating feet settle upon this slightly softer ground, I’m aware of the undulating wave through my spine created by each footfall. This aliveness feels like it’s contributing to the healing.

Sound waves, and body waves of healing.

Everything is energy.

Everything is healing, when I but set the intention.

Let me know how I can make healing and manifesting magnificence happen for you.

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It is a pleasure serving and supporting you.

Change happens one action at a time.

Stay Tuned…



Sandra Lee

Intuitive sound & energy healer

I empower women healers and coaches to get clear about what they really want, so they can make more money and get in action manifesting their change-the-world goals.

Licensed Massage Therapist (WA State)

Make Anything Possible (MAP) Practitioner

Biofield Tuning Practitioner

Human Design Specialist

Creator of the Inner Gem Shine Card Deck Kit

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Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 30 years, and is now a Make Anything Possible (MAP) Practitioner, Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Human Design Specialist. She is the Creator of the Inner Gem Shine Card Deck Kit and System.

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