Great & Small, Thriving Despite Adversity.  Yellowstone Natl Park, Wyoming, Sandra Lee

Great & Small, Thriving Despite Adversity. Yellowstone Natl Park, Wyoming, Sandra Lee


I Support People in Thriving,

Free From Pain & Limitation.

I Educate People How to

"Get Well & Stay Well Naturally."

I Inspire People to Live Life Fully,

& Create Miracles Every day.


Sandra Lee's Journey

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My Evolution

Portaits by Elizabeth Sadhu,

Portaits by Elizabeth Sadhu,

I have done extensive personal work. Counseling, coaching, seminars, books, and more. For decades, I was miserable and hated myself. Now I am a whole and healthy person, happy, in love and married. I help people and am successful in an occupation that I love. My son is happy and healthy, and engaged in discovering his place in the world. My friends and family love and support me. To be truthful, in the past, I never used to believe that the reality of my life could be like this. My life is full of Miracles.

The years of struggling to figure out who I am rewarded me with numerous gifts. I am intuitive and have an exceptional ability to relate to how other people feel and to understand why they do what they do.

Life is an ongoing creation, an endless sequence of miracles emerging. It is exciting to work with clients and to witness them consciously entering into their own personal streams of creation.

I Inspire You to Create Miracles Every Day

You CAN Heal

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Sandra Lynn Lee

Licensed Massage Practitioner

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Human Design Specialist

The Healing Codes & The Emotion Code/The Body Code Practitioner




Header Photo: Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, Sandra Lee