Release Trauma With Sound – Free Workshop

Some trauma is big and life shattering. Leaving people with a daily awareness of how their history has shaped them.

Many people are not consciously aware of having been shaped by trauma. Because their challenging life events have been more ‘normal’. I think of these as being ‘small’ traumas.

All of these experiences have impacted our lives. The energy of these experiences stores in your energy field.

In last week’s blog post, I talked about this. Click here to go to Your Life Story Is In Your Energy Field.

Biofield Tuning can help you resolve trauma, with sound.

I am giving a free workshop.

111 Healers Conference

I am a featured speaker at the 111 Healers Conference, offering a 30 minute workshop about Biofield Tuning and Trauma. Information for the April 20 workshop is in the right side bar.

They nominated me for a Master Healer Award.

There are many speakers offering wonderful workshops through 111 Healers Conference, absolutely free.

Release Trauma With Sound

30 minute workshop, through the 111 Healers Conference.

April 20, 2021, 5:00pm, Pacific Time

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Blog Article & Video

Associated with the 111 Healers Conference, I submitted a blog article, and a 20 minute video. Both are available in last week’s blog post.

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