Living By Design Leads to Increased . . .

Photo: - Bevan Goldswain

Photo: - Bevan Goldswain

  • Happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, love, joy

  • Peacefulness, ease

  • Abundance, prosperity, $$

  • Ease in communication

  • Attraction of people with whom you enjoy sharing time and activities. This includes prospects for partnership relationships and for business endeavors.

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Free Human Design Charts

Photo: - faysalfarhan

Photo: - faysalfarhan

Human Design charts are available at no cost.

If you want your relationships to be happier and more loving, get charts for your family members too.

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To request your free chart(s), please type the following information into a message to Sandra at This link does not provide an e-mail template.

Remember, you need your Birth Date, Birth Time, and Birth Location.

After sending your chart, Sandra will add you to the Subscriber list for her blog. If you do NOT want to receive blog announcements, please mention this in your chart request. You can Unsubscribe at any time.

Information Required to send you a free Human Design chart:

Photo: ercken

Photo: ercken

Full Name

Birth Date

Birth Time (Please provide the birth time as accurately as you know it. When you don't know the actual time, even morning, afternoon, or evening is helpful.)

Birth Location

Send your chart request by email to Sandra at

All information remains strictly confidential. Your data is not stored by me online.

Are You Ready For a Change?   

Living By Design Leads to Increased . . .

Go For It! For your Success & Happiness -  Photo: - tommyandone

Go For It! For your Success & Happiness - Photo: - tommyandone

  • Happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, love, joy

  • Peacefulness, ease

  • Abundance, prosperity, $$

  • Ease in communication

  • Attraction of people with whom you enjoy sharing time and activities.


Resisting Your Design Leads to Increased . . .

Photo: - blueskyimage

Photo: - blueskyimage

  • Anger, frustration, disappointment, fear

  • Struggle, conflict, desperation

  • The experience that things aren't working out as intended, and that you do not have opportunities

  • Difficulties in relationships, or not attracting relationships that work for you

Happy & Peaceful -  Photo: - magiceyes

Happy & Peaceful - Photo: - magiceyes

Types of Readings

Understand the gifts you have to contribute to the world.

You make a unique and important contribution.

Human Design can also help you make sense of the challenges and difficulties you have experienced.

Discover Your Unique 'Truths' -  Photo: - churchill

Discover Your Unique 'Truths' - Photo: - churchill

Your challenges are actually some of your greatest gifts in disguise!

Are you your worst critic? You can begin seeing your challenging experiences as opportunities to exercise your strengths.

It is amazing that all of these energies are reflected in your personal chart.

One reading will provide you with valuable information that can influence your daily life in practical ways forever.

Everyone makes a unique contribution -  Photo: - kudryashka

Everyone makes a unique contribution - Photo: - kudryashka

Having several readings can provide clarity about your relationships, your career direction, your family, and more . . .

The First Reading I gave

When I was learning and had only two weeks of training, I gave my first reading. In that few minutes, my friend experienced a profoundly life-altering shift in perspective. She felt more satisfied and peaceful about the choices she has made and her life.


Your first reading reveals the most central aspects of your chart, and how you may experience them in daily life.

Photo: - mostovoy

Photo: - mostovoy

If all you learn from your Human Design reading is how to follow your Type and Strategy, this will powerfully influence your journey through life. I learned about my personal Type and Strategy while listening to a public interview with the woman who is now my Human Design teacher. This understanding has impacted my experience of life each and every day.

If you choose to have a Basic Chart Reading, you will learn this and soooo much more.

Photo: - Simons

Photo: - Simons

Your relationship with yourself will be forever transformed.

The most common comment that people have during their readings is, "I wish I had known this twenty (or thirty) years ago!"

To request your FREE Human Design Chart, go to the top of the page by clicking here.


Photo: - yanlev

Photo: - yanlev

Following your Basic Chart Reading, other readings can help you comprehend your design more deeply. Relationship Readings help you with the dynamics that you experience with other people. This may alter how you relate with people, increasing communication, compassion, patience, and the experience of love.

Do you have children? Of particular relevance to families are readings focusing on children's charts, and on family issues and dynamics. Understanding how they are designed helps children make decisions according to design while they are young!

Photo: - friday

Photo: - friday

Babies! Human Design readings for precious young people is one of the most rewarding things that I have the opportunity to do.

How can parents best support their child's development into the person they are designed to be? Choose to understand the child's design! Learn how to support the child's potential gifts, and discover strategies for managing potential challenges.

Photo: - siraphol

Photo: - siraphol

Imagine how different life in our society and world would be were each individual person supported in this way from the very beginning of their life!

Gift certificates for Human Design readings are fabulous for babies, showers, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and other celebratory events!

Photos: - yanlev, xalanx, Pieterse, patriziatilly

Photos: - yanlev, xalanx, Pieterse, patriziatilly

Getting Human Design readings for each member of your family will transform how you parent your children. This may seem like an extreme claim. But it is actually quite reasonable. Understanding your personal chart transforms your relationship with yourself. The same level of impact occurs when you comprehend how another person is designed to operate.

Photo: - subbotina

Photo: - subbotina

How much less struggle I would have experienced had I started life with an understanding of my design? I wish I could visit my teen self and convey this information.

More extensive Family Coaching is also available, incorporating modern perspectives and teachings about parenting, coming from a Human Design viewpoint. During my family coach training I thought, "I wish I had been raised like this!"

Do you have aging parents who are struggling? Readings may help you understand and know how to best support them.


Do you want to know what sort of 'work' is best for you? How are you designed to contribute?

Human Design readings cannot tell you what you will do, or what you 'should' do. The chart can tell you what energies and themes you are likely to express through your activities and relationships. You can then identify the range of activities that are likely to call forth the contributions that you are designed to offer.

Photos: -anyka, stockbroker, tommyandone, yuriyzhuravov, kzenon

Photos: -anyka, stockbroker, tommyandone, yuriyzhuravov, kzenon

Type and Strategy are extraordinarily important to consider when it comes to work. If you are following your Type and Strategy, you are likely to enter into opportunities, projects, and employment situations that are correct for you. If you are not following your Type and Strategy, it may look like everything you do goes awry.

Type and Strategy are central elements of Human Design. They are discussed in depth in Basic Readings, and will be mentioned in readings with any focus.

Photo: - vampy1

Photo: - vampy1


Return Readings help you recognize life themes that change over time. Planetary 'returns' occur when a planetary body returns in the sky to its location at your time of birth. Solar Returns describe annual themes. Saturn, Uranus, and Chiron Return Readings show life themes that shift as you age and mature. The time periods correlating with these planetary 'events' have the potential to be quite significant: late 20's, around 40, around 50, and around 60. Awareness of the potential issues, challenges and gifts that could come up enhances your ability to handle them with ease and grace.

When I learned how to do Human Design Return Readings, I ran Return charts for my own Saturn Return and Uranus Opposition. I was stunned. The particularly challenging circumstances that I dealt with during those periods of my life meshed perfectly with what the Return charts showed that I would experience! This was part of what cemented my conviction that planetary positions and movements actually do have relevance in my life.

To request your FREE Human Design Chart, go to the top of this page by clicking here.

Reading Particulars & Logistics

Reading Lengths & Packages

You can receive practical and relevant information in even just a few minutes. At health fairs, I give free charts and mini-readings. Sometimes these few minutes are life changing.

Naturally, longer readings provide increased comprehension and benefits. More time is available for answering questions, addressing concerns, and identifying strategies for success and happiness.

Readings of any length provide an overwhelming amount of information. I digitally record them, so you can listen again.

One hour readings are $225. This is the most popular reading length, enabling us to discuss the most important elements of your chart at a reasonable pace. We can discuss your questions and particular concerns. 

Ninety minute readings are $299. In an hour and a half, we have time to thoroughly discuss your chart, address particularly challenging aspects, and provide strategies for optimizing your experience. There is time to answer questions and focus on particular concerns.

For Return Readings, and for Relationship and Family Readings, the longer session length is very helpful. These require interpretation of multiple charts and interactions between charts.

Half hour readings are $127. In short readings, inevitably I attempt to convey an hour's worth of information in 30 minutes. It's not possible, but I do a reasonable job. There will not be significant time for questions.

Packages of readings. Consider a package of three one hour readings for $509, or of three ninety minute readings for $677. ($166 and $220 discounts respectively, approximately 25% savings.) There are a range of circumstances in which this could be particularly supportive.

  • Are you interested in optimizing all aspects of your life? Multiple readings help you understand many aspects of how you are designed. Following a Basic Reading, choose other readings depending on the issues you are facing. Explore career and the contribution you are here to make. What about your spiritual life purpose? Focus on relationship attraction, significant existing relationships, or family dynamics. A Return Reading focuses on themes encountered in your current phase of life, or look towards significant themes coming up.

  • Are you experiencing challenges? A series of readings can be a mini-series of transformative coaching sessions. You grow and progress as new understandings get incorporated into your daily life. How you feel about your life changes, leading to shifts in perspective and in the issues you are seeing.

  • How are you designed to contribute to the world? Following your Basic Reading, we can look at your spiritual life purpose, and at indicators for career and making a contribution. Return Readings look at energies that you are likely to experience during the current phase of your life, or during an upcoming phase. Over the course of our lifetimes, humans evolve through several phases, with transition points around the ages of 30, 40, 50 and 60. Significant events and transitions may occur as you shift into new phases. This frequently shows up as changes in how you make your contribution.

  • Relationships and Families. A series of three readings can look at charts for multiple people, and how you relate with each other. Depending on the number of people involved, individual readings may require less than an hour, so we may discuss multiple charts and relationships. This can be particularly helpful for families with children who are struggling, or when family dynamics are disrupted.

To request your FREE Human Design Chart, go to the top of this page by clicking here.

Photo: - siraphol

Photo: - siraphol

Gift Certificates

Human Design readings are fabulous gifts for babies, showers, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and other celebratory events!

Audio Recording

I digitally record readings and send the MP3 recording to you.

Digitally Recorded for you -  Photo: - faysalfarhan

Digitally Recorded for you - Photo: - faysalfarhan

During your reading, you will receive an overwhelming amount of information. The audio makes it easy for you to listen to your reading again.

I recommend listening to the audio several times. As you experiment with what you have learned within the context of real life, your comprehension grows. When you listen to the recording again, you will have light bulb moments. "Ah ha! I see what Sandra meant!"

In-Person, Telephone & Skype

Readings are available to you wherever you are in the world.

If you are near where I live or where I visit frequently, you may prefer in-person readings. This is available in Penticton, British Columbia, and in Olympia and Oroville, Washington.


I accept Square, cash and check payments. Credit card payment is available through Square.

Preparing for Your Reading

Written and Audio Information. Prior to your first reading, I will send 1) written information describing basic elements of your Human Design chart, and 2) an audio recording that goes into more depth about your Human Design Type.

Reviewing this written and audio material provides you with foundational information. During your actual reading, we will then spend less time on the basics. This leaves time for the more detailed aspects of your chart.

When you schedule a more in depth reading, all relevant charts will be provided.

Please Print Your Chart - In Color. Having a color printout of all relevant charts makes it easy for you to refer to the chart(s) during your reading.

At the very least, have the chart(s) loaded on your computer. Smart phone screens are too small for satisfactory chart viewing. But if this is all you have available, it will work.

Note Taking. Many people find taking notes very supportive and come to their appointment prepared. If you are not a note taker, this is not necessary, as you can listen to the recording.

To request your FREE Human Design Chart, go to the top of this page by clicking here.

Meetings, Events & Celebrations

Photo: - julipetukhova

Photo: - julipetukhova

I am available for public presentations about Human Design. These are educational, providing practical information that can be applied immediately. They are participatory and Fun! Do you need presenters for events? Meetings? Staff meetings? Retreats?

I offer fun, participatory presentations for celebratory events. Are you organizing parties for babies, brides, birthdays, anniversaries, or reunions?

To request your FREE Human Design Chart, go to the top of this page by clicking here.



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