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Photo: - valua

Photo: - valua


You can only survive three days without water.

We start life as babies with our bodies being 75-80% water. Then a lifetime of stress, toxicity, and insufficient water intake dehydrates us.

As an adult, your body is probably 50-65% water. If you are particularly dehydrated, it may be less.

This miraculous substance is one of the things that is so special about Planet Earth. The purity and the energetic qualities of the water you drink have a substantial impact on your health and well being.

There is an enormous variety of water purification and energizing products and systems available. They vary widely in price and in the purity and energetic quality of the water that they produce.

For drinking water, Sandra advocates employing whatever level of drinking water filtration system meets your needs and is within a price range that fits your budget. She also recommends using a shower filter to remove chlorine.

Sandra personally uses a combination of products to treat the tap water that she drinks. In the community where she lives, sometimes so much chlorine is released from the municipal tap water that she feels like she's being gassed just flushing the toilet. Filtration removes chlorine and other impurities, then she energizes the water in a couple of ways. The overall price ends up being reasonable, and the quality of the water is excellent.

What happens to your water bottles? - Photo: - omelchenko

What happens to your water bottles? - Photo: - omelchenko

Bottled Water's True Cost

Bottled water may appear to be a good alternative to tap water. But is the cost more than you realize? You are certainly paying more for bottled water than you would for the same volume of tap water. Its quality is questionable. In fact, it may actually be tap water! Chemicals like benzene have been found in bottled water.

Photo, modified: - daizuoxin

Photo, modified: - daizuoxin

Consider the massive proliferation of those 'convenient' plastic water bottles. Plastic bottles contribute significantly to the garbage patches accumulating in our oceans and beaches.

Glass is Best! A variety of glass water bottles are available with sleeves to protect against occasional impacts. I know from personal experience that they do still break when dropped on hard floors. But I still always return to glass.

For an entertaining video about bottled water, go to The Story of Stuff. (They have other great educational videos too.)

Note: glass is also best for food storage containers. You now see Bisphenol A-free (BPA-free) plastics everywhere. What the companies don't tell you is that a frequent replacement is BPS, which is just as damaging as BPA, if not more so. Whenever possible, forego plastic for food storage. Never heat food in plastic! I do store and heat in glass dishes that have plastic lids, but minimize contact between the plastic and food.

Structured Water - Natural Action Technologies

I purchase these fabulous, easy-to-use water structuring units through The Wellness Enterprise. I am an energetically sensitive person, so the energy of the structured water is palpably changed. Compared to other home water treatment methods, structuring with these units requires no electrical device, and there are no consumable parts or solutions to replace. Pictured here is the Portable unit. Others are available for water lines, showers, and irrigation systems.

These are not filters. Nothing physical is removed. If you wish to employ a filter to improve taste, do so before passing the water through the structuring unit.

My story. When my husband and I began structuring our drinking water, our urine became darker in color and stronger smelling for about a week. Meaning detoxification was increased. Over the years, I have used many water energizing technologies, including some that were quite expensive. But I have never experienced observable effects with any other product. Frequently I consciously feel differences with energized waters. But this was physically observable. We now structure our drinking water multiple times, dramatically increasing its beneficial qualities.

Some people report significant and sometimes miraculous health changes while using these units.

According to Clayton Nolte, the inventor, structuring with these units makes it so the energy of the water and of impurities is altered. The energy of the water is returned to its natural state, so the water is easier for our bodies to absorb and benefit from. Impurities are not physically removed; their energy is impacted so they are not absorbed by the body. So the impurities no longer cause harm to us.

The Wellness Enterprise website offers a variety of resources, including fascinating videos about the effects of using structuring technology. They provide tremendous free education about water.

VibesUp - Vibrational Therapy

I use these products to energize my water, my body, and my environment. Visit and see their vast array of fun and wonderful products. More about them below.

Precious Prills & Crystal Cupcakes

Make energized prill water by keeping Prills or Crystal Cupcakes in your water vessel. Large bags of prills are available for the bath. These come from TransDerma Minerals, the company that produces the liquid magnesium I recommend from

One of Sandra's summertime meals. Yum

One of Sandra's summertime meals. Yum


Is your body helping you or dragging you down?

Being successful depends on your ability to think clearly and your body's ability to do what you require of it. Taking proper care of your body supports you on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial levels. Give it quality whole, real food and clean water. Exercise and sleep well. Eliminate toxins which block the ability of your body's systems to function properly.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Sandra Lee is a practitioner of this holistically oriented modality. Diet and lifestyle are critical to your ability to optimize your health. If you are interested in having a complimentary I CAN Heal - Creating Possibilities consultation, please click here.


Sandra believes that it is difficult to get the nutrients you need through food consumption alone. Technically, it may be possible, but with nutrient depletion rampant in the food supply, accomplishing true nutrient sufficiency may require more effort and resources than most people have available. So she takes nutritional supplements. If you want to discuss the particulars, please contact Sandra.

Order TransDerma Magnesium from

Order TransDerma Magnesium from


One supplement that Sandra routinely recommends is magnesium. It is critical for so many body functions! This mineral is deficient in the food supply, and the majority of oral supplements are poorly assimilated.

There is one aspect of magnesium's importance that I tell people about frequently. Magnesium protects neurons (nerve cells) from damage associated with consumption of monosodium glutamate (MSG) and other excitotoxins. This is particularly important when it comes to brain function. MSG is everywhere in packaged and restaurant foods. Protect your brain function! I bring a small bottle of liquid magnesium with me everywhere, and I apply it every time I eat packaged foods or in restaurants. I frequently quote the book of neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills. I wrote about this in several blog posts, here, here, and here. Eventually, these posts will link to each other. But for now, they are sequential in the list of posts, with the latest posted June 28, 2011.

Magnesium is critical to your body's ability to use ATP, the energy molecule used by the cells. Magnesium is critical for ALL of your body's functions. Metabolism, immunity, hormones, cardiovascular health, nervous system function, muscles, weight management, dealing with stress, healing, . . . EVERYTHING!

I apply topical magnesium every day.

See several blog posts about magnesium, herehere, and here. Eventually, these posts will link to each other. But for now, they are sequential in the list of posts, with the latest posted June 28, 2011.

Topical application of liquid magnesium is a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to ensure that you get this vital nutrient.

Go to Life Enthusiast's website for more information about the quality product that I recommend. I have been using, recommending, and selling this product for many years. This site offers a wide array of products, plus a tremendous amount of educational information about the importance of magnesium. Listen to their podcasts.

Help Me! - Photo: - pryzmat

Help Me! - Photo: - pryzmat

Symptoms? Consider Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

What do you do when the basics are insufficient? Physical, mental and emotional symptoms are your body's signals that something is out of balance. They are a call for help.

Sometimes everyone needs the support of an expert. Do you? Sandra is a practitioner of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

Discover Your Personal Path to Wellness - - Photo: - magisjaponica

Discover Your Personal Path to Wellness - LivingInYourBody.comPhoto: - magisjaponica

Symptoms of any kind are an indication that your body is out of balance and malfunctioning. People tend to pretend that symptoms are 'normal' and an inevitable consequence of aging.

Symptoms are Common, but they are NOT Normal!

When people are optimally healthy, they do not have symptoms.

Whatever your current level of health, it is possible for you to use natural, health-building methods to reduce your symptomology. You CAN improve naturally. This is not to say that you can return to 100% normal function and complete elimination of symptoms. This may or may not be possible. But improvement is certainly reasonable to expect.

If you are interested in for rebuilding your health naturally, complimentary exploratory I CAN Heal - Creating Possibilities sessions are available. Please click here.

VibesUp - Vibrational Therapy



Everything is energy. It's all about frequency. Your emotional state and your thoughts influence your energetic state. Change your frequency and you change your life circumstances, and your emotional and physical health.

VibesUp products contribute beneficial, balancing and supportive energies.

Energized Gem Tree

Energized Gem Tree

Part of what I love about these products is that they surround me all of the time, without requiring my conscious thought and effort. Certainly I am able to consciously shift my energy at any time. But why not support it in ways that do not require attention and effort?

I wear VibesUp products every day, and various others energize my home and office. On the desk on and around my laptop, I have ten VibesUp products. I consciously feel how they reduce the negative impacts of EMFs and of cell/cordless phone/tablet waves. I use numerous energy therapy tools because I feel the positive contribution each piece adds. My cell phone time is minimal. But without energy support tools, I could not use it at all.

Shoe Inserts

Shoe Inserts

The potential uses for these crystal-based energy therapy tools is endless. VibesUp creator Kaitlyn Keyt prolifically invents fabulous products that raise your vibrational level.

Vibe Bracelets

Vibe Bracelets

A variety of products can be worn on your body, including beautiful jewelry. Shoe inserts support your body in remaining grounded and balanced. Energizing mats are available in a wide array of forms. I use them everywhere and for everything. Vibe your food and water, so they better support your health. Specifically designed products reduce the impacts on your body of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), including cell and cordless phones, computers, and tablets.

Miracle Inspirations Cards

Recognize the Miracle that You are Every Day

Experience Miracles in Your Life. These are cards that I created. When I give them to people, their faces light up, and we make eye contact. Instantly, each of us becomes a real person.

Post cards where you can see them and be inspired. Give them away.

Contact me if you would like to order cards.



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