Fox published this great article about Sandra Lee and her groundbreaking Biofield Tuning offering for entrepreneurs!

Blog Talk Radio

Oliver, BC – Sandra Lee is the founder of Miracle Inspirations, where she helps people find emotional clarity, freedom from physical pain, and a renewed life purpose through energy work to heal your body, mind and heart.  Watch the video!

Blog Talk Radio

Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Sandra Lee of Miracle Inspirations

Watch the video!

The animated video from the Pull Your Chart page.

Success Coach Tina Collura interviews Sandra.

Thrive & Aligned Healing Podcast

Kimberly Jarman, Life Coach, and Dr. Carmen Jones, Naturopathic Doctor interview Sandra Lee.


Human Design


Biofield Tuning

I Love their podcast and binge listened to the episodes. It's like listening to myself, our approaches are so in alignment. I learn a lot from this practicing holistic doctor and life coach. They give sensible, practical recommendations for health and a satisfying life. I also recommend their unique model of collaborating for the benefit of their clients.

Beauty in the Being

Heidi Sawyer, Life Coach interviews Sandra Lee about Human Design and Biofield Tuning.