New Things & Guest Experts

New Things

This is certainly a time of big changes.

To go along with what’s changing in the world, a lot is changing in how I connect with you.

As it’s been a while, let’s get you caught up.

I’m excited to bring you new and interesting content, with … Guest Experts! More on that in a minute.

Facebook & the Blog. In 2021, I learned to post content in Facebook. But I had little energy left for the blog. Finally, the newsletter and blog are alive again. Free Ebook. There is a new free ebook, 5 Tips for Shedding Stress. If you want it, click here.Technology. I am changing platforms for my contacts, calendar, and the newsletter. Online appointment scheduling and confirmations are coming, as is upgraded email communications. Tech stuff is outside of my knowledge bubble, and it’s been … interesting.  

I have people helping me with technology. What a concept that is, not doing everything myself.

Guest Experts

A few days ago, I came up with a terrific idea.

Bringing in Guest Experts to share value with you.

I have a Facebook group called Thrive With Sandra Lee. I am expanding it’s offerings.

Since March, I have been making weekly Thursday Tips for Thriving videos Live in the Group. Now they are longer, and I invite you to ask questions.

Here’s what’s new. Starting next week, Monday leads off with a newsletter and blog. I write an article, and my Guest Expert contributes an article.

I post about the Guest Expert in my Facebook Profile, and feature their article in the Thrive With Sandra Lee Group.

Everything invites you to a Live interview on Wednesday with the Guest Expert. They will be Facebook Live in the Thrive With Sandra Lee Group. If you don’t do Facebook, the interviews will be available through YouTube, and perhaps eventually a podcast.

The weekly theme of my posts to the Group will relate to my Guest Expert’s topic, as will the Thursday Tips for Thriving.

Guest Experts are lining up to share with you!

I’m Excited!

Thank you for reading the blog

Appointments, Complimentary Consultations

To schedule appointments, or to request a Discover What’s Possible consultation to see how you would benefit from my services, please contact me.

It is a pleasure serving and supporting you.

Stay Tuned…



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