My Experience With Essential Oils & Safety


When I got together with my husband, I learned that I always smelled a little like essential oils. I never purposely wore them for scent, so was completely unaware that I had this exceptional body odor.

Essential oils were part of my massage therapy practice.

These amazing plant compounds naturally benefit human health in a wide variety of ways. For massage, they were incredibly effective in facilitating the flow of blocked energy within the body.

Over the years, every day I had used a variety of essential oils in massage, leading to consistently absorbing them through my own skin.

That day with my husband-to-be, I realized that essential oils were continually releasing from my bloodstream through the surface of my skin. Because they were always there, I could not smell them.

Now I know that I should have diluted the oils more. At the concentration I was using them, regular exposure could have led to development of sensitivity reactions. I’m grateful that no-one ever had skin irritations or other symptoms.

This was over 20 years ago, when nobody talked about safety concerns when using these ‘natural’ plant substances.

I really appreciate this week’s Guest expert, Margaret Leavitt. She specializes in educating people about using essential oils safely and effectively.

Read the rest of my article below. I talk about the more finely tuned ways that I work with energy blocks in Biofield Tuning, including how I use essential oils.


Please read the rest of my article below.

Guest Expert Interview

This week we are fortunate to have as our Guest Expert Margaret Leavitt, Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils.

Interview Theme: Nature is the Best Medicine

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“Are you looking for ways to naturally support your health, wellness, and lifestyle? Would you like ‘better options’ for providing relief from daily ailments?

Toxic and synthetic ingredients are common in everyday household items. Would you appreciate having products without those ingredients?

If you say ‘yes’ to any of those questions, try essential oils.” …

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Here is the video of my interview with Margaret. Enjoy. Breathe

Back to my article

Now let’s talk about the more finely tuned ways that I work with energy blocks in Biofield Tuning, including how I use essential oils.

Dramatic Changes

As I said, for many years, I actively used essential oils within my massage therapy practice. This changed when I moved to British Columbia. I transitioned my Olympia massage practice to part time, and no longer maintained my own office space. Driving between BC and Olympia numerous times each year, continuing to use essential oils would have been too much hassle.

For 15 years, I did massage without using essential oils. This led to strengthening my intuitive abilities, and the unique ways that I personally facilitate the flow of blocked energy.

In 2020, the covid pandemic and shutdown began and I almost completely transitioned away from doing massage. Now I do mostly Biofield Tuning
Biofield Tuning Fork and Resonance icon
Facilitating Energy Flow with Biofield Tuning

The Biofield is the bioelectric energy field around each person’s body. Clients come to me with physical symptoms. Or they feel stressed out or stuck in their businesses, their lives, or their relationships. Energy is blocked and chaotic in their Biofield.

In Biofield Tuning, I facilitate the flow of energy using sound made by tuning forks. I direct the work of this sound through my intuitive focus and intention.

The work is subtle, though quite powerful and impactful.

As I do Biofield Tuning, I become more finely tuned to the frequencies of ideas, concepts, beliefs, and substances.

I have long believed that ‘everything is energy.’ With Biofield Tuning, every day I strengthen my ability to impact physical, mental, and emotional life by facilitating the flow of energy.

Essential Oils

They are highly concentrated and energetically powerful. Used in quantity, they would overpower the subtle energies I’m working with in Biofield Tuning.

Occasionally, when I want to incorporate the frequency and energy of an essential oil, I energetically bring in a single oil or an oil blend. At times, I may apply individual drops. More commonly, I open the bottle and wave it in the air, releasing a small amount of oil vapor. A little goes a long way.

I have a lot of essential oils, mostly sitting unused. I look forward to learning more from Margaret Leavitt, so I can more actively use these special gifts from nature.

Breathe clean air.

Love yourself.


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