Muscle Pain & Tightness

Carpal Tunnel, keyboard pain is body memory

Pain is Body Memory

Body Stores Stress Series

Pain Pain and tightness are indicators of stress stored in your body memory.

“If your teeth are clenched and your fists are clenched, your lifespan is probably clenched.” ~ Terri Guillemets

“Muscle has memory: the body knows things the mind will not admit.” ~ Louise Doughty

Do You Have Neck, Shoulder or Back Pain? Body Memory

As a massage therapist, I know that tension and pain are part of normal daily life for many people.

This Body Stores Stress series looks at symptoms from a new perspective. This week I talk about Body Memory, and how tension, pain – and strength – result from repeated physical experiences that become stored in the muscles. Then I offer simple activities for reducing your stored muscle tension.

Next Week

Next week’s post will look at how emotional stress and pain also record in your body memory.

Repetitive Movement Stores in the Muscles

There are both helpful and problematic ways that repetitive movements are stored as pain and other signs of body memory.

lift weights cartoon pain is body memory

Exercise, working out, weight lifting

Do you purposely work out? If so, this repetitive movement builds muscle and bone strength into your body memory. In return, you get improved health. Good for you!

Carpal Tunnel, keyboard pain is body memory

Overuse injuries

Repetitive movement can be stressful. This then stores in your body memory, and you experience chronically tight and painful muscles and joints.

Do you feel pain in your neck, shoulder or back? What about your wrists and elbows or ankles, knees and hips?

Overuse injuries now have common names like carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and in today’s tech world, text neck.

The Body Stores Stress

This blog series explores the many ways in which experiences, traumas, stresses and emotions are recorded in your body and energy field. I call this your body memory.

Each post in the series includes stress-releasing intentions for you to incorporate into your daily awareness and activities. So you can be more empowered to help yourself.

Previous topics: Symptoms, Water Remembers, and Is Memory Stored in the Brain?

Next week’s topic: Emotional stress and pain store in your Body Memory.

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Now back to our topic … experience stores in muscles as body memory. Man in rainbow light and stars

Stress Releasing Intention for Health & Healing

As a massage therapist, I found that some clients thought they had to live with tension and pain. Fortunately, massage helped them see otherwise.

Now I help clients with a different modality, Biofield Tuning.

You can also help yourself, without assistance.

Simple Things to Do

Effective tools are everywhere for releasing stress stored as body memory. You can take a few seconds for these anytime, even at work.

Even though I illustrate these with the shoulders, you can experiment and find similar basic movements for other muscle areas.

Muscle Relaxation

Even though I illustrate these with the shoulders, you can experiment and find similar basic movements for other muscle areas.

Movement – Move your shoulders up, down, front back, and in circles. And breathe, relax.

Contrast – Pull your shoulders up towards your ears, tight, tight, tight. Then drop them down, making a sound with your breath. And breathe, relax.

Body Relaxation

Waterfall – Imagine you are in a waterfall of energy. And allow it to flow onto your head and down your body, carrying away stress and tension. Then breathe and relax.

Relax the tension – Lie down if you can. Or sit in a chair where you can relax your back. Allow your eyes to close gently. Feel where you are holding tension. This is body memory! Focus on allowing the tension to melt away. And breathe, relax.

Disclaimer. Please Note: I am not a health care provider. I cannot diagnose, prescribe, or treat any condition. If you have a health condition, please contact your physician.

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Podcast Interview

Thrive & Aligned Healing Podcast
This is a delightful interview with Kimberly Jarman, Life Coach, and Dr. Carmen Jones, Naturopathic Doctor.I am impressed with this team, and am excited to work with them.I Love their podcast and binge listened. It’s like listening to myself, our approaches are so in alignment.

I already know a lot about health. Yet, I still learn a lot from this practicing holistic doctor and life coach. They give sensible, practical recommendations.

I listen to a lot of health-oriented podcasts. But rarely do I make specific listening recommendations. To learn about health and living fully, listen to Kimberly and Carmen! Just saying.

They have a unique model of collaborating for the benefit of their clients. And their combined medical and coaching program is exceptional and effective.


This interview talked about Biofield Tuning.

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