Incident 1: I’m standing with the refrigerator door open.

What did I come here to get?

Incident 2: Feeling embarrassed, with someone standing right in front of me.

I really should know this person’s name! ?!?

Incident 3: “It’s not there.”

“Yes, it is. Look, it’s right here.”


Are you taking care of your brain?

Are there signs that your brain is starting to lose track of things.

You can do many things to support brain health and function.

Lifestyle and Diet Matter!!

Thoughts, Beliefs and Energy Flow Matter!

Biofield Tuning

I have worked with a variety of brain-related issues for my Biofield Tuning clients.

(This is NOT diagnostic or treatment. I am working with energetic perceptions and sound for the purposes of creating increased balance and ability to function.)

Supporting Brain Function

Supporting Brain Function

Biofield Tuning helps blocked energy to flow, supporting us in thinking clearly.


This video talks about Clear Thinking & Stress

Memory & Clear Thinking

A Biofield Tuning

Group Session Series

Wednesdays, About Every Two Weeks

October 27, 2021 for Session One

Join a group of like-minded individuals in supporting the function of your brain!

Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks and sound in the energy field to help energy flow.

Biofield Tuning Group Session Series

This is an important health issue, with many critical influencing factors.

This will be a series of eight Biofield Tuning Group Sessions (two sets of four).

Sessions will be about every two weeks, with adjustments for holidays.

Session Topics & Personalization

Before each session, you have an extraordinary opportunity. You are invited to describe your personal issues for me to include in the group session.<

  1. Healing & Changing Your Brain – Neuroplasticity
  2. Food & Nutrient Density
  3. Insulin Resistance & Inflammation
  4. Metabolic Flexibility & Intermittent Fasting
  5. Stress Management
  6. Fitness, Learning & Positive Stresses
  7. Sleep
  8. Social Connection & Support

Participation options:

Early Bird Pricing, available until midnight on the date of Group Session One.

2 sessions ($50), 4 sessions ($90), all 8 sessions ($160)

Regular pricing.

4 sessions ($110), 8 sessions ($200)

Recordings of the series will be available for later purchase.

Biofield Tuning Fork and Resonance icon

These Group Sessions Are Impactful!

When doing Biofield Tuning group sessions, I set the stage with information. I will talk about brain function and the ability to remember and think clearly.

With this as the context, the Biofield Tuning that follows then feels like it contributes to evolution.

The group dynamic adds momentum, depth, and power to the clearing.

Live & Recordings

Sessions will be live in Zoom.

You will receive downloadable video and audio recordings.

If you are not able to attend any session live, you will still be included in the healing for the session.

Is this for you?

Please contact me, if you want to participate, or if you have questions.

Sharing About BT Group Sessions

Several of my clients generously shared about their experiences with a recent series of Biofield Tuning Group Sessions. Here is a link to a playlist with all of the videos. Click here.

Here is one featuring my friend Catherine.

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Are you ready for your business to get even better?

Whether you are seeking to resolve blocks to your thriving, or things are already terrific, consider Biofield Tuning. Tuning fork sounds help to find energetic blocks then clear them, so energy flows through your business and your life.

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Sandra Lee has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 30 years, and is now a Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Human Design Specialist.