The Manifestor Type ~ Foundational Elements of Human Design

Manifestor Human Design chart

Foundational Elements of Human Design


The Manifestor Type ~ Foundational Elements of Human Design

Manifestors are the only one of the five Human Design Types that are designed to be able to Initiate. This means being able come up with a good idea, and just go do it.

To understand a little more about Initiating, go to the Medium post, where I share more.

For someone to be a Manifestor, they have a Motor connected to the Throat, and the Sacral Center is Undefined.

For more about Motors, the Centers, and Definition, please go to the other Foundational Elements of Human Design posts here.

Next week, we continue with the Human Design Types.

💰 Here’s a business tip for Manifestors. You may do best to get things started, and have other people do most of the operating work.

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