Manifest With Intention

“I joined Sandra’s group Biofield Tuning series on Manifesting and Abundance. Immediately after the first group session, we had a money making opportunity.”


What do I want?

It all starts with an idea. And setting an intention.

Then I have to do things to bring it into reality.

I need to believe that what I want is possible.

For many of my clients, lack of belief is a roadblock.

This is all part of the process of Manifesting.

Blocked Energy

When I am struggling, my energy is chaotic and blocked.   Blocked energy makes being happy and effective difficult. My body’s ability to function and to heal are impeded. It’s challenging to attract desirable opportunities and relationships.   Belief assists energy in flowing, and lack of belief blocks the flow!   Blocked energy makes manifesting difficult!

Videos about Manifesting

This has been a consistent topic in the daily videos I make Live on Facebook and YouTube.   This video talks about the importance of Believing. And about my July 27 Biofield Tuning Group Session on Manifesting.

Want a Playlist with my other Manifesting videos? (If this link does not take to you a functional playlist, would you please let me know. Thank you. )

Manifesting Playlist – YouTube

~ Manifesting ~

A Biofield Tuning Group Session

July 27, 2021, 5:30pm Pacific Time, Zoom

Join a group of like-minded individuals in transforming your experience of manifesting. The group dynamic adds momentum to the shifts that you seek.

Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks and sound in the energy field to help energy flow.

A particular focus I have is clearing blocks to believing. Because without belief, effectively manifesting what I desire is impossible.

These Group Sessions Are Impactful!

When doing Biofield Tuning group sessions, I set the stage with information. In this case, about manifesting. The Biofield Tuning that follows then feels like it contributes to evolution. It can leave us feeling a little bit stunned.

Is this for you?

I have 5 spots available for the July 27 group.

If you are unable to attend the Zoom session Live, you receive downloadable video and audio recordings. Each listening provides healing. All participants are included in the session.

Please contact me, if you want to participate, or if you have questions.

Sharing About BT Group Sessions

Several of my clients generously shared about their experiences with a recent series of Biofield Tuning Group Sessions. Here is a link to a playlist with all of the videos. Click here. (If the link does not take you to a functioning playlist, please let me know. Thank you.)

I include one video here. I picked a video that also tells a bit about how group Biofield Tuning sessions work.

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