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Why you want the In Love with Your Life VIP Gift

In Love with Your Life 24/7 VIP Gift ~ FREE for You

There are three elements of your free VIP Gift.

  • Personalized Human Design Chart ~ with insights into your life purpose. You get to ask a personal question.   Value $177. (Normally, specialized Chart Guides are NOT available.)
  • Dive Into the Roots: Limiting Beliefs Circuit Breaker.   Value $77. (This is the follow-up to your free gift, Breakthrough Booster: 9 Steps to Clear Limiting Beliefs.)
  • Group Biofield Tuning Session ~ Loving Your Life. The October 2023 date is to be determined.  Value $47.

(If you already purchased the Dive Into the Roots program, send us an email and we will refund that purchase. )

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Personalized Human Design Chart. Value $177.

Why are you here? Life purpose.

Your chart calls opportunities to you, based on where the planets were at the time you were born.

The form requests birth information, including time of birth, if you know it. Sandra will manually generate a chart.

Your VIP Gift offers a unique opportunity. Ask a question, about your life purpose, or anything else. Sandra does not normally offer this customized option.

👆 Click the Chart Request button to request your chart and Customized Chart Guide.

Dive Into the Roots: Grab the Keys to Your Dream. Value $77.

Are limiting beliefs holding you back from having a joyous, satisfying, love-filled life?

This is the follow-up program to your free gift mini-course, Breakthrough Booster: 9 Steps to Clear Limiting Beliefs.

If you have not yet watched the Breakthrough Booster mini-course, do that before beginning Dive Into the Roots.

Click the upper light blue button for the Breakthrough Booster mini-course, if you haven't watched it.

Click the lower button for information about Dive Into the Roots: Grab the Keys to Your Dream. Purchase with this coupon code: LoveDive

Sandra recommends taking several weeks to go through this program of videos and worksheets.

Click the Dive Into the Roots Button. Coupon code: LoveDive 👆

Group Biofield Tuning Session ~ Loving Your Life. Value $47.

Loving Your Life. This is a group Biofield Tuning session whose date is to be determined, most likely in October.

Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks, sound, and intuition for healing. Group sessions can be very powerful.

The session will be digitally recorded on Zoom or Streamyard. Live attendance is not required to participate.

Sandra Lee will contact you about scheduling the group session.

Thank you

Thank you for participating in the Women Loving Life Summit and this

In Love with Your Life 24/7 VIP Gift.

I trust the experience has been rewarding and valuable for you.

What's next?

When you have completed the Diving Into the Roots program and the Biofield Tuning Group session, Sandra Lee will have a Biofield Tuning Group Session series available.

Look for information about that soon.

Individual work?

If you would like to talk with Sandra Lee about doing Human Design and Biofield Tuning individually, she would be happy to talk with you. Click the button to schedule time.

I'm Sandra Lee, Life Opportunity Catalyst, dedicated to empowering women healers and wellness professionals in developing transformative wellness practices.

Aligning your passion and purpose enables you to jump out of bed in the morning, excited about creating lasting results for yourself and your clients.

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