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A little, tiny bit farther... & When I lost muscle strength

Movement, Self-Care & Your Business ~ June's Theme

And Trivia.


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Tuning Up to Thrive

A little, tiny bit farther ... & When I lost muscle strength

When I had a minor injury, I didn't exercise for two weeks. And I LOST muscle mass and strength. This is BAD.

I allowed being too busy to actually harm me.

I tell you more of the story in this 2+ minute video. 👆

Then please read the rest of this and watch the longer video below, and receive healing.

Each movement takes you a little, tiny bit farther…

So what do I mean by that?

Each time you perform a movement, those muscles get a little bit stronger, your joints get a little more flexible, et cetera…

In other words, whether or not you can remember when last you ‘exercised,’ it’s okay.

Whatever your level of fitness, you will benefit from adding more movement.

Just begin today. Start where you are. You will notice improvements quickly.

Get a little, tiny bit farther each time.

Breathe. 💗

What’s in this week’s blog video about movement, exercise, and treatments?

I tell you, so you can decide if it’s worth 15 minutes to watch.

The video content is completely different from what’s discussed above.

I share about how movement keeps the body healthy. The Make Anything Possible healing section focuses on Fields, or expectations.

  • Getting sick and why talk about self-care and business. (until 1min.)

  • Strategies for getting movement and why it matters. (until 7:15min.)

    • Movement!

    • Massage, treatments, counseling

    • Mini movement sessions

    • Weights

  • Healing: Make Anything Possible (MAP) Method (last 8min.)

    • Expectations


Watch the video for “Why’s,” strategies, and healing. 👆

Sandra by the water spinning a rope film strip

Sandra on board



Change Happens One Action at a Time.

Sandra Lee




Here are trivia bits about Self-Care. Thanks ChatGPT!

  1. Longevity: Studies suggest that regular physical activity can add years to your life. People who exercise regularly live longer and have a lower risk of premature death.

  2. Mental Clarity: Physical activity can improve mental clarity and focus, making you more productive and able to concentrate better throughout the day.


    Sandra’s notes:

    About #1. Movement and exercise benefit health in numerous ways, helping you life longer!

    About #2. The benefits of exercise to mental clarity, focus, and brain function are significant, though less immediately obvious than are the physical benefits. 💖



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Watch this week's video for healing with the Make Anything Possible Method.

Change Happens One Action at a Time.
Sandra Lee


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