Raise your hand if you've made plans to start living your best life but.... But you're still stuck in 'normal.'

Life happens.

  • The kids get sick, the dog poops on the floor, and the car gets a flat.
  • The website crashed and somebody hacked your Facebook.
  • It's been a non-stop day putting out fires, and wine looks a whole lot better than doing sit ups.

Your own life feels a little out of whack.

You're the one people come to for wellness advice, to heal their chakras and bring balance to their lives.

Yet you're embarrassed to admit that you feel confused, overwhelmed, even paralyzed, as the big stuff keeps piling up.

You just seem to be getting in your own way.

Even though you should know better, right?

After all, helping people with their wellness is your job, yet you can't seem to hold space for yourself. 

Really, you feel like a hypocrite.

You want to pull the covers over your eyes.

Or you could grab your Inner Gem Shine Card Deck:

  • Breathe. Give yourself a break.
  • Let the cards take some of the pressure off.
  • Reconnect with why you're doing all of this in the first place.
  • Oh yeah. That's right. This is about healing.

Get an Inner Gem Shine Card Deck Kit.

Look, my hand is raised too. Because I've been there.

Accomplish more by working smarter. Not harder.

When you want different results, it's time to modify your thoughts and behavior.

Candace shares inner gem shine layout, heart

"The Inner Gem Shine cards will help you take your life to the next level."

~ Jon, Northwest Neuro Training, Olympia, WA

"You are going to help a lot of people with this."

~ Charles, Crystal Spirit Spiritual Center, Tacoma, WA

Would you benefit?
Focus on what matters.

Whatever you want to accomplish, use Inner Gem Shine to keep your attention on what matters. If you feel stuck in relationships, health, business or finances, this tool can help. Use it to direct creative attention and energy to any goal, task, or situation.

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If you're stuck, get moving.

"I love the cards. I have incorporated them into my morning routine.

Even with traveling a lot. Such a wonderful routine, and I love writing myself heart notes. Thanks a lot to you for making something so special."

~ Cory Sterling, ConsciousCounsel.ca

"Shine is awesome. True alchemy."

~ Cathi, U.K.

Cory Sterling's card deck with journal and water on a table

Be purposeful. Attract what you want. Create it.

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"This is so amazingly simple and easy to use!"

"I will be able to use these beautiful cards on my own every day.

I look forward to walking by and seeing the card layouts on my table.

I love them!"

~ S.L., Olympia, WA

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Meet Sandra Lee & see a demo of the Inner Gem Shine Deck

Learn how and why results improve when you are intentional with what you do every day. The Inner Gem Shine system supports you in maintaining focus on what matters.

Give attention & healing
to what's important in all areas of life.

Doing these things is important, but not always easy.

The Inner Gem Shine system supports you in moving forward with what matters to you.

person holding brown grains


Do you struggle to do things that you know are necessary? (Hey, I feel your pain.)

Yeah, you already know it's food, movement, sleep and stress management.

Become healthier with the actions you take every day.

Use Inner Gem Shine to stay motivated and in action on your priorities.

three women in assorted-color tops


Do you tiptoe around topics around with your husband or your mother?

Is your jaw clenched around your boss, or even with your best friend?

Relationships make life rich and worthwhile. Turn them into partnerships that serve everyone.

Use Inner Gem Shine to adjust your perspective and support effective choices and communication.

brown and white wooden desk with chair and laptop


Do you dread going to work, and count the minutes to clock-out time?

Or perhaps you've finally started your business. But not knowing how to do marketing almost sends you back to the j.o.b. for a paycheck.

If you really want something, you can do it.

Use Inner Gem Shine to stay on track and take your results to the next level.

money tree, abundance

Abundance & Finances

When you're juggling funds to keep the phone connected, it's stressful.

Everyone needs money and resources. Yet this is a challenged area for so many.

Keeping your thoughts out of fear can be challenging.

Abundance thinking and beliefs attract opportunities, a wealth of resources, and success.

Inner Gem Shine provides a daily focus for your conscious attraction.

Photo by Brenda Christiansen


Every day is over-the-top with work, kid's activities, and getting dinner on the table. Take holidays? Hahaha.

Rest, recreation, and creativity are revitalizing. Treasure early morning walks, and kiddo friendly nature time.

Take a breather for pencil sketching or meditation.

Prioritize holiday time away. Perhaps even find childcare.

Inner Gem Shine provides a space for imaginatively creating your future recreation experiences.

yellow butterfly on person's index finger


When you're over-the-top stressed, everything suffers.

Spiritual health shapes all of life. Choose faith, trust, and an empowered mindset.

Ongoing development and education lead to satisfaction and perpetual success.

Where are you stretching to offer greater service to others and the world?

Inner Gem Shine expands your spiritual horizons.

Three types of card layouts, health, manifesting, business

Use the cards to attract success in anything.

  • Set intentions for what you want.

    Choose the direction for your life, your relationships, your business.

  • Change your habits & daily practices.

    Choose your thoughts. This motivates you to change your daily behaviors. This contributes to transformed results for your life, health, relationships, and business.

  • Leave card layouts visible on a table.

    Seeing them helps you maintain focus on your intentions.

Inner Gem Shine
for Client & Group Sessions

As the creator of Inner Gem Shine, I use layouts in both individual client sessions and group sessions.

Here you can see my friend Alana doing the same.

Made in America & individually assembled for you by a woman-owned small business.

Inner Gem Shine Card Deck Kit pieces

The kit comes with a crystal, heart notes, printed and video Getting Started instructions, and a custom-printed tin.

quartz crystals

Get two Inner Shine Card Deck Kits and gift one to someone you love.



47 cards, written instructions, Getting Started videos, Heart Notes, and a crystal, all in a beautiful custom-printed tin.

Get the Inner Shine Card Deck Kits and The Energy Medicine Solution Book.

For information about The Energy Medicine Solution book, please click the image for the Shop page.

All of the purchase options are available in the Shop. Click the image.

Customer's Feedback


Owner, Crystal Spirit Spiritual Center, Tacoma

You are going to help a lot of people with this.


Client, Olympia, WA

This is so amazingly simple and easy to use!

I will be able to use these beautiful cards on my own every day.

I look forward to walking by and seeing the card layouts on my table.

I love them!


CEO, Northwest Neuro Training, Olympia, WA

I got the chance to try the new Inner Gem Shine cards and have them in my biofield tuning session and they are flat-out amazing.

As a former college coach for 15 years, I can tell you that visualization is so important to take your game to the next level.

All of us right now, our game is our life and these cards will help you take your life to the next level.


Client, U.K.

On every level transformational! Just in one session even, Sandra has touched my life in a way which feels pure magic. Literally, with divine insight, wonderful energy and love, obstacles have melted away, clarity gained with joyful confidence, and my personal and business life together have new wings and energy. Thank you from my heart and soul Sandra! Also working with you with your own amazing card deck, Shine, is awesome! True alchemy! I am so lucky to have found you! 😊


Client and Healing Practitioner, Vermont

I first met Sandra by chance back in early February of 2021 because I was posting for a friend looking for help for her father who had just suffered a stroke. I think a week later I had my first session with her and her tuning forks only. 23 weeks later, I've emerged a new person. Sandra then ordered some crystals to work with and I was lucky enough to be her first client and Holy balls, I thought the forks were powerful, these crystals amplified the frequency of the forks and bam! It's like a beam of energy! 
Now Sandra has cards she is using in her sessions and yet again, powerful and spot on! I was having a hard 5 days with energy I couldn't quite figure out. After a 30 minute session with Sandra and her new cards, everything became so clear! 
This woman and her tools are powerfully amazing....if you're looking to heal and ready to invest time, effort, and money into yourself, you will not be disappointed! 
Sandra is truly a blessing!!

CEO, The Myndful Spark, British Columbia, Canada

I have had two sessions with Sandra, with the second one including her brand-new card deck. Each time I work with Sandra I am drawn deeply into the heart of who I am with the help of her presence, intention, and thoughtful intuition. Sandra’s sessions always involve surrender to the moment and bring about clarity of purpose, actionable insights, renewed focus, and liberation from stuck states. I look forward to having a card deck of my own to continue reminding me of and reinforcing the wisdom that emerges so brilliantly from personal sessions with Sandra. Thank you, Sandra!

Gain control and clarity about your next move.
Maintain momentum with Inner Gem Shine.

IGS Card layout. Take a breath and get clear

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