Human Design & Attracting Opportunities

Sandra points at a Human Design chart and magnet attracting opportunities Body Stores Stress

Human Design & Attracting Opportunities

Body Stores Stress Series

Sandra When you are in alignment with the blueprint of your Human Design chart, you attract opportunities that are perfect for you.

“The future depends on what you do today.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

“Opportunities and success are not something you go after necessarily but something you attract by becoming an attractive person.” ~ Jim Rohn

Magnetically Attracting opportunities & people Human Design fractal

Do You Have Repeating Experiences?

Have a string of your business ventures failed in the same way? (That was me.)

Have you been married and divorced three times? And all of those relationships were basically the same? (For me thankfully, only divorced once.)

Do people keep treating you the same not-so-wonderful way, and you wonder, “Why does this always happen to me?” And you’re hopeless about how to stop it. (Not one of mine.)

Or perhaps you attract a whole string of wonderful, empowering opportunities that lead to tremendous success. Excellent! (Sometimes for me, yes!)

Either way, it makes sense that having those experiences in your past somehow attracts more of the same to you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to control this! You can!

Balls of experience magnetically attracting opportunities

Experiences Attract More of the Same

Throughout this Body Stores Stress series I discuss how all of your experiences store in your energy field or biofield. And this actively attracts more of the same.

Like attracts like.

Imagine balls filled with ‘stuff’ from your past hanging out in the space around you. And when people look at you, energetically they see the ‘stuff’ first.

Go to the archives for recent posts about this.

Human Design Chart broadcasts and attracts opportunities

Human Design ~ Attracting Opportunities

Let’s add a new layer of understanding to this model. Your Human Design chart is a blueprint for who you are. It describes the sorts of experiences that you attract. The chart is based on where the planets were at the time you were born.

It broadcasts to the world who you are and what you’re good at. And it calls for opportunities to come to you.

Your Human Design chart is a visual representation of your purpose and how you are designed to serve the world.

Having this understanding makes a massive difference! Because then you can consciously attract what you want, by aligning your intentions and actions with the blueprint.

Human Design Chart broadcasts through energy blocks

Old Clutter Attracts Confusion

But if you’ve got loads of old gunk stuck in your energy field, it’s messy. And when people look at you, they get confusing signals.

Is this how you’re attracting relationships and jobs and opportunities? What a great question! Do your experiences make sense now?

Are you ready to clear out the gunk and attract opportunities based on who you really are and the ways you want to serve?

Biofield Tuning for Human Design chart broadcasts coherently and attracts opportunities

Clear Your Field & Attract Opportunities

So how do you do it? Clear out the old gunk and align your intentions and actions with your purpose?

Human Design and Biofield Tuning are a perfect combination.

First learn about your purpose and how you are designed to serve by studying your Human Design chart.

Then clear the blocks and chaos based on past experiences with Biofield Tuning. Get into purposeful alignment with what you want, and start flowing with your creation and manifestation.

You will attract more rewarding opportunities, and fewer frustrating reruns.

Blue eyed woman with lights around her looks ahead and attracts opportunities

Attract Your Perfect Opportunities

So what do you really want?You can attract opportunities that create your dreams as realities in your experience.

More from the Body Stores Stress

If you want to understand my theory about how stuff from the past impacts your present, and how you can free yourself up and create your desired future, please see the archives of this Body Stores Stress series.

Disclaimer. I am not a health care provider. I cannot diagnose, prescribe, or treat any condition. If you have a health condition, please contact your physician.

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Client Experiences

I thank my clients for sharing their stories.

“Every time we have a session, I lean into who I am a little more, and I realize that who I am is okay. I’m on the right track, doing the right things to be true to who I am.

I feel clarity, and so affirmed. The way I act is the way I was created to act. It’s not a mistake.”

“Before we did Human Design and Biofield Tuning I was confused. I wanted to start a business but was all over the place. I felt stuck and didn’t know which way to go.

Human Design gave me an overview of my soul’s path and how I view the world. Biofield Tuning released the things that were making it feel hard.

Now I have started, and it unfolded naturally. It didn’t even feel hard.

I don’t think I would have done it without you. Thank you.”

Smiling relaxed woman under tree considering

Is This for You?

What old, disempowering programs are keeping you stuck?

“Having my Human Design Reading with Sandra helped me get into alignment with who I am and what I am doing in my business. Now I see the path to take and it feels so easy. I benefited from Sandra’s very practical advice, and am seeing results having applied it even within a few short days. My attention is much more focused and making decisions is easier than it has ever been for my life and my business.

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Stress Releasing Intention for Health & Healing

Throughout the Body Stores Stress series, I’ve offered practical ways to release stress and choose health.

If you experience significant or consistent health conditions, pain, or emotional upset, please contact your physician or other health care provider.

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Empower Yourself

With this new perspective and awareness, you can do a lot for yourself.

Continue using the tools and strategies you’ve gleaned throughout this Body Stores Stress series. For the archives, click here.

Define What You Want

Think about what you want and write it down!

If you have been avoiding doing this, I absolutely understand. I used to be there myself.

Sit down, focus, and dream. Write it down.

This requires out-of-the-box thinking. You’ve had loop tapes of thoughts and old beliefs playing on repeat forever. Find a friend or a coach to assist. This really supports you in creating a new vision for your future.

(You may feel inclined to have family members or close friends help you with this. Be aware that they could have difficulty being truly objective, and may therefore reinforce your stuckness.)

Broadcast who you are with Mind Power Body Stores Stress Miracle Separator

The Body Stores Stress

This blog series explores how experiences, traumas, stresses and emotions record in your body and energy field. And I offer practical suggestions for health and healing.

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Sandra Lee

Licensed Massage Therapist (WA State)

Biofield Tuning Practitioner

Human Design Specialist

Sandra Lee, Energy Healer, Tuning forks

Sandra Lee

HealerSandra Lee has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 30 years, and is now a Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Human Design Specialist.

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