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Detox on blue plate, symptoms in red, heal & detoxify with Biofield Tuning

Detox on blue plate, symptoms in red, heal & detoxify with Biofield Tuning It’s not fair. I eat healthier food, but I feel worse. I even have headaches, and I never used to. I felt better when I was eating ‘normal’ food. Why bother?!


Sometimes I do things that are supposed to be ‘good’ for me, then I feel worse! Why?


Today we talk about Detoxification Symptoms. Another common way of referring to this is Healing Responses.I do something supportive for my overall health, yet I feel worse.This happens when I release stress, and when I provide my body with nutrients and supplies for repair.Think of it as giving the body what it needs to Clean House. Clearing out the spare room piled high with junk produces Garbage.Dumping toxins and waste into the bloodstream for removal can lead to … Symptoms. The waste isn’t removed fast enough, and I have a headache or diarrhea.

Biofield Tuning

This week, a group started the Biofield Tuning Group Session Series for Memory and Clear Thinking.Several of them had Symptoms after the session.I helped them see this as a sign that their bodies are cleaning house. This perspective shift makes a world of difference.I did a bit of additional Biofield Tuning to assist a few of them over the rough spot into feeling better.

Memory & Clear Thinking Series

Might you benefits from participating in this series?Registration remains open until we have Session Two on November 10. Listen to the recording of Session One and join us for the rest. See below the video for information.

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Please Note: I am not a health care provider. I am not diagnosing, prescribing, or treating any condition. If you have a health condition, please contact your physician.

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Healing & Detoxification Symptoms

Memory & Clear Thinking
Biofield Tuning Group Session Series

Wednesdays, About Every Two Weeks

Session Two is November 10. Watch the recording of Session One and join us for the rest.

Click here for more information on the series.

A Series of Eight 1+ hour Group Sessions, Zoom, Recordings

Join a group of like-minded people in supporting your brain health and clear thinking. With Biofield Tuning.

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