Fragrances: Reason to Be Concerned


Driving to a restaurant with my son, I could hardly breathe. Laundry residues on his clothes smelled so strong that I barely tolerated our hour together.

The ‘normal’ amount of laundry scent on him usually gives me headaches. We had previously spoken about fragrances. This day, the scent wave practically knocked me over!

I never understand why people purposely choose fragranced products. The ‘fresh’ laundry smell is an attraction.

I avoid grocery store detergent aisles, because the chemicals give me headaches.

“Fragrances must be safe. Or the government would not allow them in products.”

That’s what people assume. That does not make it true.

Synthetic chemicals are added to anything and everything. Foods, pesticides, water, and more.

If I see ‘Fragrance’ on a product label, almost always it means synthetic, petrochemical scents. I avoid them.

Fortunately, there are ethical companies producing quality, safe products.

This week’s Guest Expert is Nancy Broach, an Advisor with H2O at Home. I absolutely trust this company to produce safe home cleaning products.

Read the rest of this article below. I talk about how fragrance chemicals impact our bodies and our health.


Guest Expert Interview

This week we are fortunate to have as our Guest Expert Nancy Broach, Advisor with H2O at Home

Interview Theme: Toxin Free Home Care

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Here is the video of my interview with Nancy. Enjoy. Breathe

Back to my article

If I see ‘Fragrance’ on a product label, almost always it means synthetic, petrochemical scents. I avoid them.

Fortunately, there are ethical companies producing quality, safe products.

I understand how health is impacted by exposure to toxins, so I avoid ‘fragrances.’ I purchase from companies like H2O at Home for whom ‘safety’ is of primary importance. Their fragrance comes from safe, natural scents.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

If my child drinks drain cleaner, I rush them to the hospital. Pump that poison out immediately.

When I breathe, drink, or eat toxins, or absorb them through my skin, I may not have symptoms. Yet I am still being poisoned. It won’t usually kill me. But my body has to eliminate the chemical.

Let’s look at how the body is affected by toxins.

When exposed to toxins, the body’s ability to function normally is compromised. Cells and organs can’t operate properly. Things stop working.

Noticeable symptoms will most likely occur when exposure is either ongoing or significant in volume. Headaches, body aches, joint pain. Digestive problems, diarrhea or vomiting. Loss of mental clarity. Difficulty healing from injuries, or from dis-ease conditions as simple as the cold or flu.

Exposure over time contributes to dis-ease conditions and degenerative conditions.

Endocrine Disrupters

This topic deserves special focus.

The Endocrine System is the body glands that make hormones. Hormones are regulatory molecules that control a wide range of body functions.

Many fragrance chemicals and other toxins are endocrine disrupters. They prevent hormones from functioning properly. This affects everything!


The body has natural mechanisms for neutralizing and eliminating toxins. I breathe, pee, and poop them out, and excrete them through my skin.

The body is built for this. Thank God for that.

And it’s much easier for my body when I reduce the exposure!
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Want to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals?

A good place to start is eliminating products containing unsafe fragrances.

Breathe clean air.

Love yourself.

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Next Week’s Guest

Our next Guest Expert is Margaret Leavitt, with doTerra Essential Oils.

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