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It feels like my head is swimming and out of control.
I can’t focus. Give up on getting anything done.

What’s happening? I ate ‘too much’ sugar, and my brain is wigged out.

If you care about your brain’s ability to sustain throughout a long and healthy life, managing blood sugar matters!

This blog talks about sugar metabolism and how it impacts brain function, clear thinking, and your ability to make good decisions. This impacts your personal life and your business.

This subject is too complex for a short post. For a more thorough understanding, my Guest Expert, holistic nutritionist Raina Dawn Lutz is a terrific resource. Many educational resources are also available.

My Sugar Story

The sugar bug used to control me. Considering how much I used to consume, I am grateful that I do not have blood sugar problems.

What changed?

I learned about the health impacts of uncontrolled blood sugar, and chose to dramatically reduce sugar consumption.

I changed this before my body lost its ability to effectively manage blood sugar, so my capacity for consuming and processing sugars and carbohydrates remains flexible.

Only rarely do I have so much that my ability to think and focus is compromised. I will say more about brain fog and clarity of thought in a bit.

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Type II Diabetes

Our culture consumes a lot of sugar, and Type II Diabetes is epidemic!

The body’s ability to manage blood sugar becomes compromised. Damage starts occurring to the brain, eyes, kidneys, and other tissues.

That is super simplified, but you already see that it’s not good!

Fortunately, you can choose how to eat.

I will say more about brain fog and clarity of thinking soon …

This week we are fortunate to have as our Guest Expert Raina Dawn Lutz, Holistic Nutritionist, and founder of Eat the Counter Culture.

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Guest Expert Interview

Say Hello to Raina Dawn Lutz, Holistic Nutritionist, creator of Eat the Counter Culture.

Interview Theme: Eat for Clear Thinking

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“When we think of diets we think of short term to lose weight. We think of the next fad we can try … maybe THIS ONE will be THE ONE that actually helps me! …

But just because it’s common, doesn’t mean it’s good. That doesn’t mean its normal, or healthy.” …

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Here is the video of my interview with Raina. Enjoy. Breathe

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Back to my article

What’s happening with sugar-induced brain fog and inability to focus?

The brain requires tremendous amounts of energy. When I over-consume sugar and experience foggy thinking, the brain is experiencing an energy shortage.

Let’s talk about Insulin, a critical hormone for blood sugar management.

When I eat food, the amount of glucose in my blood goes up. This is blood sugar. Insulin is made by the pancreas, a gland in the body.

Insulin carries glucose into the cells, so it can be turned into energy.

Brain Fog

When I eat a lot of sugar, blood glucose goes way up. The pancreas produces a lot of insulin to manage that glucose. And it quickly pulls the glucose out of the blood and into the cells.

When the glucose is used up quickly, suddenly there is no glucose left. And there isn’t enough glucose available for brain function. Leading to brain fog.

Fortunately, my metabolism recovers quickly, and the brain fog ends.

Remember when I talked about Type II Diabetes earlier? It’s the regulation of glucose and insulin that becomes compromised.

Two plates of food
The Power of the Fork

You have the ability to choose how to eat. You can support your body in rebuilding its capacity to effectively manage the metabolism of blood sugar and insulin.

I encourage you to educate yourself about how this system works. So you can take control of your health.

Support your brain in functioning optimally, so you can think clearly, and make wise decisions.

I encourage you to get support.

Love yourself.


Thank you, Raina Dawn Lutz, for educating and supporting people in optimizing their health, and their ability to think clearly.

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Next Week’s Guest

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