Food As Reward


“When you’ve cleaned your room, you can have a popsicle.”
“If you’re good while I’m gone and go to bed when Sarah asks, you can have a piece of candy tomorrow.”
“After you’ve cleaned your plate, you can have dessert.”

What about this one. “Well, you can sit there until you’ve finished it.” Can you hear the sneering voice of your father’s mandate?

Did you ever sit there at the table, running a mental I hate you shout tape until you actually choked down the food?

I didn’t, because I complied. My conditioning led me to do what I was told. I miserably gagged down lima beans and liver. (Funny, because now I love liver and think it’s the best, most nourishing food available! Laugh)

It is unfortunate that food, an absolute necessity for survival is used as a tool for teaching behavior and manners.

Food is used to bribe people, both young and grown, to perform tasks and to accomplish goals.

It is used as a tool of manipulation, control, and discipline.
Dog waiting for a treat

In animal training, from dogs to dolphins, treats are rewards for performing behaviors and tricks.

Parents don’t look at the reality that we train children this same way.

Then everyone is mystified why changing ‘bad’ or ‘unhealthy’ eating habits is so damnably hard.

In my Biofield Tuning practice, for many of my clients “changing how I eat” is a central focus of their daily existence. There is a ton of emotion and trauma bound up with food.

I will return to my article in a minute …

This week we are fortunate to have as our Guest Expert my friend Amy Civica, Mindset of Eating Coach. She is the perfect person to help us unwind the twisted mass of our food experience.

Amy Civica, Mindset of Eating coach
Guest Expert Interview

Say Hello to Amy Civica, Mindset of Eating Coach, creator of the Food Is Love Experience.

Exploring Your Love – Hate Relationship with Food

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“Do you find yourself in a love-hate relationship with food? You love eating, but not how you feel afterwards.” …

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fighting for, not with your relationship with food, woman holds a donut

Back to my article

In my Biofield Tuning practice, “changing how I eat” is a central daily focus for many clients.

With tuning forks and sound, I help get their stuck energy to flow around how they relate to food. I help them find some freedom in this central arena.
Biofield Tuning Fork and Resonance icon

For people everywhere, there is a ton of emotion and trauma bound up with food.

It’s time to give ourselves some collective grace, and understand why food is such a trigger.

Try this. “I grant myself grace, patience, and love, when it comes to food.”

Food is absolutely critical for life and for health. There is no way around the eating requirement.

Making and achieving goals for health-improving eating patterns is important and valuable.

For me to successfully accomplish this, I have to consciously and intentionally addressing all of the ‘stuff’ that has become inextricably enmeshed with the experience of eating.

Here is a ‘starter’ Tool for you to use. Then, if you really struggle with eating issues, I encourage to you get support from a practitioner, someone like Amy Civica, perhaps.

take notes

The Tool

Get paper and a pencil or pen for taking notes.

  • Think about your relationship with food.
  • What emotion comes up? Write it down.
  • How old does this make you feel? Write that down.
  • If anything else comes up, write it down.
  • Feel into your body. Is there energy stuck somewhere? Write a note.
  • See if you can allow that stuck energy to move and flow. Where does it want to go?
  • Breathe

That’s it. Dipping your toe into the water, knowing there’s a deep, dark trench.

I encourage you to get support.

Love yourself.


Thank you, Amy Civica, for shining light into these depths for eaters everywhere.

energy of food, asparagas on black background
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