47 cards, written instructions, Getting Started videos, Heart Notes, and a crystal, all in a beautiful custom-printed tin.

Made in America & individually assembled for you by a woman-owned small business

Customer's Feedback


Owner, Crystal Spirit Spiritual Center, Tacoma

You are going to help a lot of people with this.


Client, Olympia, WA

This is so amazingly simple and easy to use!

I will be able to use these beautiful cards on my own every day.

I look forward to walking by and seeing the card layouts on my table.

I love them!


CEO, Northwest Neuro Training, Olympia, WA

I got the chance to try the new Inner Gem Shine cards and have them in my biofield tuning session and they are flat-out amazing.

As a former college coach for 15 years, I can tell you that visualization is so important to take your game to the next level.

All of us right now, our game is our life and these cards will help you take your life to the next level.


Client, U.K.

On every level transformational! Just in one session even, Sandra has touched my life in a way which feels pure magic. Literally, with divine insight, wonderful energy and love, obstacles have melted away, clarity gained with joyful confidence, and my personal and business life together have new wings and energy. Thank you from my heart and soul Sandra! Also working with you with your own amazing card deck, Shine, is awesome! True alchemy! I am so lucky to have found you! 😊


Client and Healing Practitioner, Vermont

I first met Sandra by chance back in early February of 2021 because I was posting for a friend looking for help for her father who had just suffered a stroke. I think a week later I had my first session with her and her tuning forks only. 23 weeks later, I've emerged a new person. Sandra then ordered some crystals to work with and I was lucky enough to be her first client and Holy balls, I thought the forks were powerful, these crystals amplified the frequency of the forks and bam! It's like a beam of energy! 
Now Sandra has cards she is using in her sessions and yet again, powerful and spot on! I was having a hard 5 days with energy I couldn't quite figure out. After a 30 minute session with Sandra and her new cards, everything became so clear! 
This woman and her tools are powerfully amazing....if you're looking to heal and ready to invest time, effort, and money into yourself, you will not be disappointed! 
Sandra is truly a blessing!!

CEO, The Myndful Spark, British Columbia, Canada

I have had two sessions with Sandra, with the second one including her brand-new card deck. Each time I work with Sandra I am drawn deeply into the heart of who I am with the help of her presence, intention, and thoughtful intuition. Sandra’s sessions always involve surrender to the moment and bring about clarity of purpose, actionable insights, renewed focus, and liberation from stuck states. I look forward to having a card deck of my own to continue reminding me of and reinforcing the wisdom that emerges so brilliantly from personal sessions with Sandra. Thank you, Sandra!
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Wholesale Inquiries & Practitioner Certification

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A practitioner certification program is available for practitioners and providers, coaches and team leaders wanting to use this powerful tool to support the success of your clients and teams.

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