Heal the Foundational Separation Wound Workshop ~ July 5, 2023


All around me, people are visiting and talking. So why do I feel so isolated and lonely?

Has that ever been you, at school, in a social gathering, or at a networking meeting?

Imagine how empowering it would feel to take a hand and push aside the invisible wall separating you from other people.

Imagine feeling connected and able to freely ask for what you need, and to give and receive love.

All human beings suffer a separation wound at birth.

One minute you are warm and embraced within your mother’s womb. Then following whatever occurred during labor and birth, suddenly you and mother are physically separated.

That very special state of Oneness is gone. The surrounding sounds, vibrations, energies, and continual nourishment were ripped away.

This separation wound is built into the foundation of each person’s struggles with being seen and loved, connected and supported.

You are not alone in this experience.

Heal the Foundational Separation Wound Workshop

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