Sandra Lee gives presentations about a variety of topics relating to health, healing, and food.

And about Human Design, which is also about health and healing, in a different way.

If you are interested in having Sandra Lee speak to a group or at an event, please contact Sandra.

Stokefest - Sandra is Offering Human Design

This is the 5th Annual Stokefest Psychic Fair at Akashic Ranch, a beautiful site near Kamloops, British Columbia.

July 13 and 14, 2019

Come see me, and a variety of other providers, vendors, and speakers.

I am offering Human Design readings at a 20% discount during the event.

See Stokefest’s Eventbrite page to Purchase Tickets, and to see a list of vendors.

For directions and for more information about Akashic Ranch, please see their website. GPS directions will not get you there! Bring written directions!

Quantum Alignment Show

Sandra is participating in two upcoming Quantum Alignment Shows. I will provide access information when it is available.

Original Image:  Free-Photos

Original Image: Free-Photos

August 9, 2019. Our topic is Self Worth. With Agalia Baker.

August 23, 2019. Riding Emotional Waves: Sharing Emotional Solar Plexus Experiences. Panel Discussion with fellow Human Design Specialists, Gloria Constantin, Heather Morrison and Tracy Ko.

What’s In Your Head?

In June, Sandra led an online Panel Discussion with other Human Design Specialists exploring people’s experiences with the various configurations of Head/Ajna Center Definition.

This episode of the Quantum Alignment Show was recorded and is available free for viewing.

Events, Parties & Meetings

I am available for public presentations about Human Design. These are educational, providing practical information that can be applied immediately. They are participatory and fun! Do you need presenters for events? Meetings? Staff meetings? Retreats?

Presentations about Human Design make fun additions to celebratory events. Are you organizing parties for babies, brides, anniversaries, or reunions?

Schedule a Presentation

If you would like to schedule a presentation, please contact Sandra Lee.