Stress, Overwhelm & Emotions in the Body

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Emotions Store in the Body

Body Stores Stress Series

Emotion Stress and emotions store in body memory. “PTSD is a whole-body tragedy, an integral human event of enormous proportions with massive repercussions.”
~  Susan Pease Banitt

Stress, Overwhelm & Emotions Store in the Body

With the crazily stressful events we’ve endured for over two years, are you feeling it in your body?

The shutdown began early in 2020. Within a month, I had so much stress and intense emotion in my body that I was ill.

Emotions Store in the Body

Last week I talked about how repeated physical activities store in the muscles as strength, or as tension and pain.

Well, ongoing mental and emotional stress, overwhelm and trauma store in the same way. A natural response to stress is to tighten your muscles. And this leads to pain. Are your shoulders and neck tight from stress? Is there a bottle of pills in your drawer for tension headaches? Chaos stress emotion stores in the body

Current world issues

When stress, worries and intense emotions weigh on your shoulders, all of it is held in your body. And tension builds up. Eventually this leads to pain, … and possibly to health issues down the road.

Since the pandemic started, we’ve seen rising PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), suicide, domestic distress, and violence. This strikes all ages, from adults to children.

I searched for a chart to show what we all know, that mental health is being negatively impacted. This is the best I located. (The source link is no longer working.) 2020 is the dark line. From mid year, it rises substantially over the yellow line from 2019.

Here’s my interpretation. Of course, I am not an authority and am just guessing.

Shutdown started in March 2020. We hung in there for a while. Then by summertime, we were really feeling the impacts. So we didn’t feel the ‘normal’ seasonal improvements that summer brings, and actually saw an increase in signs of stress.

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The Body Stores Stress

This blog series explores the ways in which experiences, traumas, stresses and emotions are recorded in your body and energy field. I call this your body memory.

Each post in the series offers stress-releasing intentions to incorporate into your daily awareness and activities. So you can be more empowered to help yourself.

Previous topics: 1 Symptoms, 2 Water Remembers, 3 Is Memory Stored in the Brain?, 4 Muscle Pain & Tightness

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Next Week

Next week’s post will look at how the physical and emotional stresses that store in your body are also recorded in your body’s energy field.

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  • I share a podcast interview.
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Now back to our topic … emotions store in the body. couple arguing, silhouette, emotions store in the body

Relationships & the Pandemic

The pandemic shutdown, conflict, and pressures are deeply damaging to our relationships. Children, families, friendships, and communities. All are suffering.

Social distancing isolates us, and many suffer from lack of contact. Sadly, some elders are dying isolated from their loved ones.

At the same time, families and friends are being pushed apart by social and political conflicts.

Stress! This affects us mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually!

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Stress Releasing Intention for Health & Healing

In my decades as a massage therapist, I worked with my clients’ stored stress-related tension and pain.

Now that my focus is Biofield Tuning, I continue to help my clients release accumulated stress. It’s astonishing how effective this is, even in remotely conducted sessions.

Next week I talk about how stress also gets stored in the body’s energy field.

Now let’s talk about simple ways to help yourself.

Relax in water emotions store in the body

Wash Away Emotions Stored in the Body

You may not be able to get to a tropical ocean. But you can probably take a bath, or even just a warm shower. Add epsom salt or regular salt to assist in detoxifying.

Imagine the water rinsing stress from your body.

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Meditate & Breathe Out Stress

If you love formal meditation, terrific! If that’s not your thing, you can still benefit! To be honest, meditation is a struggle for me, because I expect myself to do it a certain way. If you’re like me, that’s okay!

Take a few slow, deep breaths, and allow stress to flow away. That’s meditation!

Walking or doing the dishes can be done meditatively. Get creative. And know that you are releasing stress.

Variety of Emotions store in the body

The Spectrum of Emotions

However it is that you feel, it’s okay. We need all of the emotions.

When you feel stressed and upset, breathe. And find a way to release some stress, so it feels less heavy.

Ultimately, it’s all about what supports and empowers you.


Disclaimer. Please Note: I am not a health care provider. I cannot diagnose, prescribe, or treat any condition. If you have a health condition, please contact your physician.

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Podcast Interview

Thrive & Aligned Healing Podcast
In case you didn’t see this interview a few weeks ago, it’s here again. It’s just so wonderful.This is a delightful interview with Kimberly Jarman, Life Coach, and Dr. Carmen Jones, Naturopathic Doctor.I am impressed with this team, and am excited to work with them.I Love their podcast and binge listened. It’s like listening to myself, our approaches are so in alignment.


This interview talked about Human Design.

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