Doing Nothing? Meditation & Floating

Doing Nothing? Meditation & Floating

Doing Nothing? Meditation & Floating

How does he Do that?
I don’t know how to do Nothing.
My husband sits on the couch Doing Nothing. He’s not even thinking. For me, that’s impossible. At the very least, I am thinking and either brainstorming ideas or problem solving.

We have all heard about the benefits of meditation. The evidence of stress relief and benefits to health is undeniable.

Meditation works.

My efforts at formal meditation have been filled with … well, thinking.

When I meditate, there are three likely outcomes: forget that I’m meditating and start thinking; give up and get up; or fall asleep.
woman meditating, white thought waves

Convinced of the scientifically proven benefits of Transcendental Meditation, I took a TM class. They teach that thinking is actually part of the process. It helps to release stress from the body and mind. I was encouraged to allow the thoughts and stop resisting them.

I dutifully did TM for a couple of months. Then I got impatient and gave up.

I tried Ziva meditation. Less structured and formal than TM, it was easier.

For those who stick with these forms of meditation, the results are fabulous. But I gave up.

I used to see my frustrating experiences with meditation as failures. Other people love meditation. What’s the matter with me?

Now I just accept how I am and sprinkle meditation-like experiences throughout the day.

When I’m feeling particularly stressed out, I pause and breathe. I imagine that stress flows off my shoulders and back, and down to the ground.

That’s a mini meditation, and takes just a few seconds.

I can do that easily. You can do that easily.

I also Float. What is Floating? Relaxing in a dark, quiet, temperature-controlled room, in a pool of super-salty warm water. It’s fabulous.

Continue reading my article below, for more easy meditation-like tips for reducing stress.
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Guest Expert Interview

This week we are fortunate to have as our Guest Expert Julie Turner, co-founder of oGoFloat, a float center in Penticton, BC, Canada.

Interview Theme: Letting Go & Nothingness

This is the recording of our interview.

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Nothing is really something

What is nothing? Nothing is the absence of a something. When you remove the entire universe and the laws that govern it. I’ve spent hundreds of hours experiencing absolute nothingness and it’s allowed me to embrace and better appreciate all of life’s something’s. …

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woman relaxing in a float tank, floating

Back to my article

I can create meditation-like opportunities for myself any time.

Today I was early for an appointment, so I stood in the sun, closed my eyes, and gently rotated, right and left, right and left. Enjoying the relaxing warmth and sunlight as it relaxed my eyes. Breathe

Walking can be meditative.

Doing the dishes or sweeping the floor can be meditative.

Sit by the creek behind where I live.

Close my eyes and listen to relaxing music.

Get a massage!

Get a facial!

Take a warm bath, with epsom salts and essential oil. Maybe a candle and music.
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And of course, there’s always Biofield Tuning! It is amazingly effectively at easily, calmly bringing me back to center. It works!

Meditation is a state of mind. Whatever situation I am in, find a way to slow down, release stress, breathe, and feel renewed.

Love yourself.



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