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Sandra Lee is in the process of formulating a more comprehensive Privacy Policy. It will be pretty standard. Basically, any personal information that you provide to me will be retained with as complete an assurance of confidentiality as I am able to maintain. I never sell or otherwise transfer your information to other people or entities. Contact information and information regarding your customer status with me is retained in my Mailchimp database. If Mailchimp’s data integrity were to be breached, your information could be impacted. Birth information that you provide for the purposes of running your Human Design chart is never stored by me in any location that is outside my personal control. If you and I communicate through email, social media, or other electronic formats, the transfer between you and I of birth information, charts, and audio recordings will be executed through these electronic means. If the integrity of that system were to become breached, that could potentially impact your privacy. I do everything within my power to protect the confidentiality of your information.


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