Illuminate & Elevate How You Serve

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Just as your Human Design Chart can help you understand your personality, your gifts and your life’s challenges, a Chart for Business can help lend clarity and integrity to the life of your business.

How do you bring value to your customers? What language do you use to frame your offerings? A complete Chart Assessment with Sandra will shed new light on your business endeavors.

Pull the Chart for your business or your business idea using the date that resonates with your founding. You’ll be asked to complete your personal information first and will receive both Charts completely free!

Be sure to book your FREE Assessment to discover what’s possible as you tune into your gifts.

Biofield Tuning & Charts for Business

Combine Biofield Tuning with a regular Assessment of your Chart for Business and you’ll find new energy, productivity, efficiency and integrity!

Are you up against personnel challenges, important decisions, or major transitions? Regular Biofield Tuning sessions for you and your team can ease how you navigate phases of stress and tension and help you stay aligned with your priorities and your purpose. Maintenance sessions can even help prevent challenges from arising in the first place!

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