Tuning Up to Thrive

Healers Bloom Square with flowers

Jokes, Perfectionism & Healing

These are articles from the May 21, 2024 Healers Bloom News Post #102. This is my new newsletter format, including more entertaining content. In ...
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woman walking on path

Storytelling ~ Instead of getting a ride home

Tuning Up to Thrive Instead of getting a ride home while my tires were being changed, I walked and did Biofield Tuning in the ...
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Sandra with a chicken foot

From Chicken feet to Community. Huh? 🤣

Tuning Up to Thrive I thought I’d send a picture of me being goofy. Holding a chicken foot! 🤣 "Why?" To amuse you, and ...
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Woman with a backpack walking on a trail

Take care of #1 - need a reminder?

Tuning Up to Thrive You and I are always helping people. As healers and coaches, that's what we do. So in case nobody's told ...
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line drawn adult and baby elephants with balloons

A love note from me to you

Tuning Up to Thrive I think today I’ll just get right to the point. 💖 I want to say I love having you in ...
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charlie chaplin figure


Tuning Up to Thrive It’s a SILENT MOVIE!! 🤣 It was FUN when my video about Communication & Relationships didn’t turn out. I got ...
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Human Design body graph outline

The Secrets are hidden - Where?

Tuning Up to Thrive So, where are the secrets for your business hidden? It's a question many of us find ourselves pondering. Today’s video ...
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woman scrolling phone

OMG, what a waste of time! Scrolling & Stress

Tuning Up to Thrive OMG, what a waste of time! This is the thought in my head as I scroll Facebook, pretending to do ...
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miracle jar

Fun & Miracles All Year

Tuning Up to Thrive It is undeniable that daily habits have a impact on both my personal life and my healing business. This is ...
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woman arms open in front of balloons

Happy New Year! 🌟 What FUN are You Creating?

Tuning Up to Thrive Happy New Year! Are you setting intentions and goals, making plans for the year? Whatever it is I am doing ...
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Wood xmas dolls in snow

Have fun? What? 🤣 & Merry Christmas! 🎁

Tuning Up to Thrive When you are with people, are you genuinely having fun? Perhaps you feel uncomfortable fully expressing yourself. See if you ...
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hands with light on sparkly blue background

Intentions & Awareness During the Holidays

Tuning Up to Thrive Are you the life of the party? Or do you fade into the background? 💗 You are not alone! That’s ...
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